My GT freezes as it's loading the dashboard.

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I've tried 2 consoles, and deleting the gamertag and then recovering it. Basically, it works offline, but the moment I sign on to XBL with the GT, as it's loading the dashboard (and all that is visible is the spinning loading icon), it suddenly just freezes.

I've never modded my console, nor played any modded games, nor done anything illegal with my gamertag. My gamerscore is still intact, so I haven't been wiped or anything of that sort

Edit: Wow... what the heck. It even froze after I downloaded it onto a brand new HDD and new console. What in the world? I don't even know how the heck this works, because I can play GFWL games just fine; login and all.

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Is this on an Xbox One? Unplug everything from the back, wait 2 minutes than plug everything back in. Honestly though you should be contacting Microsoft directly about this issue, as we can not really help.

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Nope, 360.

And I did contact Microsoft Tech Support. They don't even know what the problem is. >_>

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I had the same problem with my old elite.

I was able to get through it by removing my signing in offline, clearing the cache, removing my HD, putting it back in, then was able to sign back into XBL