Help! My 360 won't play my games!!

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#1 Posted by SundarOct131088 (1205 posts) -
The only reason I'm asking this here is because I couldn't find satisfying answers anywhere. My 360 doesn't read my 360 games well. It says "To play this game, put it in a 360 console". I have to keep restarting the system and if I get lucky the game loads but loading times are painfully long, almost as long as installing a PC game. It reads original XBOX games and DVD/CD discs fine. Please help.
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Well you obviously didn't look hard enough, Someone just asked the same question about an hour ago. People did respond.

All i can say is, Your xbox 360's dvd drive is most probably dieing. Slowly.
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I kinda expected you would say that. So do I have to get my drive changed?
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You can do that. Though if you send it in to Microsoft. They'll most likely just send you a refurb console.
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But I bought it last July(2006). In any case, is there any temporary solution?
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But I bought it last July(2006). In any case, is there any temporary solution?SundarOct131088

Not that i know of. So your 1 year warranty is up huh? Hmm.

Look around google, see if someone found a way to let it last a bit longer. That's all i can tell you right now.

Good Luck on replacing it/Getting it fixed!

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actually the 1 year warranty was extended to 3 years so you can stilll send it back
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actually the 1 year warranty was extended to 3 years so you can stilll send it backubtguitarist951

Well from what i have read. The 1 year warranty is still 1 year. The 3 year warranty if for 3 red lights only.

He does not have the 3 red lights. Unless they changed that, Then he is out of a warranty.

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mine was doin the same thing, so i sent it in about a week ago, so im gonna be lookin at a halo 3 manual until it comes back in:(
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You will probaby need to send it in for repair. For me the same thing happened. I sent it in and they fixed my console and sent me back my console so I didn't get a refurb. It took exactly two weeks. This also happened to my friend and he ended up spending literally 8 hours trying to get his 360 open and fixed. He found that the dvd drive spinner that you put your disk on was stiff and out of lubricant. He lubed it up and now his 360 is working. I would only recommend this as a last resort if you are not under warranty because it may be a different problem and you could mess up your 360.
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My 360 will say "put this disk in a xbox360 consoal" to my call of duty 4 disc. If i put in any other game it works fine. (my xbox360 is kind of old and my friend had gotten the red circle of death or w/e from it but it worked perfectly for me.) When i put it in my friends xbox witch is 2/3 weeks old it worked perfectly. My xbox360 played it before until i had to move it and everything out of the room because we had to paint. Do i have to get a new xbox.. a new game or does it just need repaired? please help
#13 Posted by -eddy- (11443 posts) -
Since it read dvd's and Xbox originals it would seem like there is something wrong with the 360 gamedisc. But since it doesn't play any of your 360 games, something's wrong with it recognising of 360 titles.
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My xbox 360 stopped running one of my games, it runs all the other games but it reads Tales of Vesperia as unreadable and some times as a mixed media cd. I tried everything that the xbox website said and nothin happened does anyone know what to do
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* I had this happen last month and I had to send it in because there's nothing that you can do about it. The disc drive stops working after a random amount of use in some cases. If you try to replace the drive yourself and end up failing you could void your warranty in the process. A solution I have found in the past if it's only one game then try a new copy of it to see if that's the problem. If it continues to get disc errors or says insert an Xbox 360 game in the console than it's finished. You'll have no choice to send it in, anyway some good news about that is you don't have to pay for the repair like someone above mentioned. *
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I just got the game - Call Of Duty-World At War. I was downloading a demo, and while downloading it, it froze, and went a little red in the screen. As fare as I know I don't have the red ring thing? And now when I start the x-box 360 it sometimes doesn't start at all. And sometimes when it does go to the game, it freezers in the game and doesn't play. Though when I take my hard drive out it works fine. So it's not the x-box it self. I think when I was trying to download the game, it might have given me a virus?? Not sure though?? So just wondering what do I do?? And if nothing can be done to fix or make the x-box better, can I make the x-box company give me a new hard drive, since it was there stupid down load that stuffed it up in the first place. Can anyone help me out here please?? Thank you. From cathy.
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phone up say 3 red lights and they will fix the dvd also when it comes in - it works ive done it myself out of warranty to get e74 fixed
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Didn't read all the posts cuz I'm too tired. But my advice is to try to install to hardrive first time. That might work short term. But in the end, looks like you're going to have to get the DVD drive changed. Sounds like your warantee is dead though. So you could try a DIY repair or pay someone to repair it. But in the end, I suggest you install games to your HDD for now on, to help increase the drive's life.
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But I bought it last July(2006). In any case, is there any temporary solution?SundarOct131088
What year are you living in? Last July was not 2006.
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[QUOTE="SundarOct131088"]But I bought it last July(2006). In any case, is there any temporary solution?Cone_Zone
What year are you living in? Last July was not 2006.

When he posted that, last July was 2007. Somebody revitalized an old thread.

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Apparently it wasn't the first time it was brought back to life, either. This is why old threads shouldn't be bumped. Doesn't Gamespot ever delete threads?