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Title - Gears of War 4

Platform - Xbox One

Release Date - September 2016

Developer - Epic Games

Producer - Microsoft Game Studios

Gaming Engine - Unreal Engine 4

Story Arc - Sequel (GOW3)


Story - The Locust are dead and the world is restored. 2 Months after the events of Gears of War 3, ships are landed onto the planets and seems to be a human economy from another planet called New Zara, these stranded humans have high resources and their own army. The COG is now reknown as as the LOG (Legion of Gears). Still mourning over his loss of his friend, Marcus decides to retire from the COG's and start his own family with Anya Stroud. Cole and Baird have been promoted to high tier and have been recruited by the new army federation called NZA (New Zara Allegiance). <this is a prologue>

<the first cutscene during the campaign will show how all the COG's are coping prior to the ending of GOW 3>

Act 1 - Rewind

Chapter 1 - Lost in Transmission (Cole, Baird, Clayton, Dizzy)

Objectives -

1) Meet with Clayton by the stranded ship

2) On board the Ship

3) Enter the Cabin Wing

4) Survive the Attack

<cutscene 2 will show the ship exploding into pieces - the fate of the characters inside the ship are left unknown to this point>

Chapter 2 - Act of Humanity (Marcus, Anya, Samantha, Drake)

Objectives -

1) Rendezvous with Echo Squad

2) Survive the Unknown threat

3) Confront the Locust

<Cutscene 3 will show a single locust who is outnumbered by the cogs and is begging for plea, the locust does seem to talk but grunts most words like other locust but is willing to side with the COG, the locust name is Baraka and reveals that he is the only locust left alive in this world but there is a locust planet out in space that is not even the main threat, he explains that there is a huge threat that has building up for over 100 years and bigger than the Lambent evasion>


Chapter 3 - No Hope (Baraka, Locust 2, Locust 3, Locust 4)

<this mission is a flashback of Baraka side of story which involves him and his locust group getting attacked by this new threat which he tried to explain to the COG team>

<this new threat is a big twist throughout the game story>

<Cutscene 4 will show Baraka and his other comrades marching through Jacinto during the (Gears of War 2 Period) and Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird, Tai are seen but deep underground Jacinto is a massive research facility that contains bio-weapons and glass containers of unknown creatures>

<as it turns out the COG has been inflated with this unknown threat and has been hiding this secret for a long time>

Baraka is not just any locust, he worked for the Queen Myra but defected the league after saving a human family from almost dying from rubble, from that time he decided to go on his own path. <a cutscene will show this later in the game as it shows his true side>

Baraka and few of his comrades had also seen the light and followed him to try and rescue Humans but conflict with the original cogs from Gears of War 2, and the hammer of dawn etc. are threats in this area. This is a locust side to this battle.

Objectives -

1) March through the gates of Jacinto

2) Eliminate remaining COG's

3) Survive the Hammer of Dawn

4) Escape Jacinto

<Cutscene 5 - Baraka has lost few of his comrades in the battle but some survived but they all jump off a cliff near Jacinto into the sea to escape>

5) Swim across the sea to landing point

6) Investigate Unknown Entrance

7) Uncover the Truth

8) Contact Queen Myra

-------------------------------Thats all story for now if your interested in more PM me :) ----------------------------------

Gears of War 4 - Facts

  • Gears of War 4 will be the first Gears of War game on the Xbox One after the previous Gears of War Judgement for Xbox 360.
  • Gears of War 4 will be third Epic game to use Unreal Engine 4 (Fortnight, Ultimate Unreal Tournament, Gears of War 4)
  • The game will use Microsoft Cloud Servers to it's dedication and will have a lot of new features both offline and online
  • Gears of War Anniversary will be released on November 2016 two months after Gears of War 4 releases and uses the same gaming engine as Gears of War 4. It is essentially Gears of War 1 but with Unreal Engine 4 graphics and is free to people who have a copy of Gears of War 4.
  • The Online-
      • The level cap is 1000 - every certain rank gives you a special symbol with selectable colors to customize at any time once has been unlocked.
        • Rank 1 - None
        • Rank 10 - Insignia (Red)
        • Rank 25 - Insignia (Blue)
        • Rank 40 - Insignia (Green
        • Rank 50 - Insignia (Gold)
        • Rank 100 - Insignia (Onyx)
        • Rank 250 - Wings (Bronze)
        • Rank 500 - Wings (Gold)
        • Rank 750 - Embry Star (Silver, Gold, Onyx)
        • Rank 1000 - Angel Wings - (Designed)
    • To get to Rank 1000 it will require a whopping 117 Million XP, Rank 1-100 is 25 Millions XP, Rank 1-500 is 65 Million XP, the game is designed so it can take months to years to max level, but on the way on leveling there will be thousands of unlocks, between rank 500 to 1000 there is about 100 character unlocks!
      • Trophies - There are more than 1000 trophies that can be earned throughout the online, these trophies are similar to medals in the past games but have more uses. if you kill 10 players online consecutively without dying you will unlock the 'No Brainer' Bronze Trophy, this trophy will display a new set of stats that will display on your player card - a new skill stat called Defence, though this isn't a full representation of your overall skill, it will show that you have earned this trophies and with each trophies will actually show the clip you manage to pull off to get it. once you have a few trophies you can become eligible for Competitor League which requires players with a minimum of 10 bronze trophies.
      • Leagues - There are now different leagues that players can join which will act like a major league gaming of gears of war, League matches are all fully Live and streamed across the Gears servers and players are most likely going to be watching you and they can vote for XP and Bet for rewards etc. There is even a chance that a spectator can take part in the match with bonus rounds. There are 5 total leagues at launch and another 5 leagues will be released over following DLC's, you make your way up leagues by getting really good at the game online, skill and stats are looked at and most importantly your overall performance of each individual match will count, if you do really bad in most matches you will still have chance with leagues such as casual league, each league will offer different rewards, matches, styles and rankings, even players will play out different, one league isn't necessarily better than the other, Casual League will rely on Team Deathmatch and more power weapons where as hardcore may have execution and war zone with normal power weapons, each league has different rule sets, maps, modes, rewards, unlocks, accomplishments, rankings, leader boards and players can accomplish leagues by leveling that league ranking to 50 which is equivalent of leveling from 1-50 on gears of war 2 but depends on leagues too, to ranking up in leagues you can do challenges, play matches, win matches, do league and clan league matches, also leagues will host several tournaments that is both hosted by Epic and Players and even the Cloud Server can initiate tournaments automatically to keep things fresh. Ranking up leagues will unlock trophies and unlocks the next league depending on your progression, skill level, trophies and stats. Characters can also be unlocked through leagues too.
      • Casual League - Requires - Min level.25 - 5 Trophies (bronze)
        • Modes - Team Deathmatch (team score) - King of the Hill
        • 500 Unlockables
        • 100 challenges
        • Bots Enabled
        • 7 Tournaments - Contain 50-500 players per, Lasts for 1-2 week, players/teams will be disqualified if players don't accept next match or don't accept on time, matches can be played at any time, if you win your first 1v1 tournement match you will be through to the next round, there will be 10 more matches to win if you want to win the 1v1 tournament, if your next opponent decides to quit or resign or times out then he will be disqualified and you will be put through but you wont gain any rewards or xp if you played that match with that player, quitting tournaments will punish your rank, stats and even player card, you will lose 10% XP gain to your next rank level but if you continuously quit tournaments (like 5 times in the same day) then you will get derank a level and will have a 25% decrease in global xp for 2 days
          • 1v1
          • Duals 2v2
          • Triples 3v3
          • Classic 4v4
          • Old School 5v5
      • Hardcore League - Requires - Min level.25 - 5 Trophies (bronze)
        • Modes - Warzone (5 Round) - Execution (5 Round) - Wingman (30 Score)
        • Bots Disabled
        • Down Time - 5 Seconds
        • 800 Unlockables
        • 250 Challenges
        • 10 tournaments
      • Veteran League - Requires - Min level 50 - 10 Trophies (silver)
        • Modes - Guardian (3 Round) - Seriously (20 round) - Blaze (3 Rounds) - Free for All (25 Points)
        • Bots Disabled
        • Down Time -25 seconds
        • 1500 Unlockables
        • 200 Challenges
        • 5 Tournaments
      • Competitor League - Require - Min level 75 - 10 Trophies (gold)
        • Modes - All Modes
        • Bots Enabled
        • Down Time - Varies
        • 1000 Unlockables
        • 1000 Challenges
        • Horde 3.0 (100 Waves and Eternal)
        • 3 Tournaments
          • All-Star Tournament
          • For the Horde Tournament
          • Ultimate
      • Professional League - Require - Min Level 250 - 150 Trophies (Onyx) - Casual, Hardcore, Veteran, Competitor Maxed Leveled and all challenges completed.
        • Modes - All Modes - Random
        • Bots Disabled
        • Down-Time - Random
        • Friendly Fire - Player Vote
        • Horde 3.0 Insane (Eternal)
        • 500 Unique Unlocks
        • 5 Unique Unlockable Characters
        • 3 Tournaments
          • World Ranking Tournament
          • MLG Tournament (
          • All Random Tournament

      • The other leagues as DLC will be:
      • World Ranking League
      • Intermediate League
      • Ultimate League
      • Epic League
      • All-Star League
      • A new Medal system - When ever you win a match online you would normally get a stat increase or ribbons in the past gears of war games, now when you finish a match a new score board will display with onscreen videos of best moments in the matches from players and rare medals that sometime contain unlockables and rewards.
      • Online matches can now range from 1v1 to 8v8 (increase from 5v5)
      • Starting Loadout Weapons - Lancer, Gnasher, Snub, Grenade, Melee
      • Pickup Weapons - Hammerburst, Bollocks Pistol, Cleaver, Longshot, Torque Bow, Frag Grenade, Ink Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, Mulcher, Scorcher, Carbine Rifle (Marksmen rifle, Assault Shotgun (replaces Sawn off),
      • New Weapons - Freezing Grenade, Freezaw (Freezing Power Weapon), Deformer (a electromagnetic storm that can penetrate through a enemy and any other enemies nearby of radius will also get affected, after a few second all will explode),
      • Team Death-match has two variants now (Team Score and Team Lives)
      • Free for All returns
      • Some Weapon has it's own permanent mode now (One Shot Kill, Gnasher Wars, Rifle Blaze)
      • Seriously - A new gametype named after the famous achievement for all gears game, it involves a 20 rounds of Execution that has rule set of - 8v8 players, No Bots, 10 minutes time limit, best moments clips at the end (game dvr), the xp rate is also 2.5 sol may count. Clutches are rewarded heavily and automatically recorded, when the game finishes it will show top 3 clutches in the match! and a platinum medal is given to the player.
      • Execution - Quick 5 rounds, Ranked 10 rounds
      • Warzone - Quick 4 rounds Ranked 8 rounds
      • Guardian - 5 rounds
      • Brothers to the End (2v2 with Normal (Score) or Veteran (Life Pool)
      • A new Mode called Blaze - 16 players - it is essentially an infected gametype, one person in the match is picked to be on fire (blaze) and is 25% faster and cannot shoot, the infected player has to try infect all players within the time limit, the twist is that the other players that get infected only has 1 minute to live and instantly dies if the timer for them goes to zero and they would have to wait for the round to finish, to avoid that to happen the other infected players would have to infect other player which will give them an extra minute, in some maps there are fire extinguishers and can be used to cure infected players so they turn to human players again but the hosted infected player cannot be cured and can still infect those who are cured again, if the main infected player dies then they will respawn instantly, friendly fire is turned on on this mode and everyone only has one life, if a player decides to betray another player they will get a minus point in the match, players who are infected have infinite lives though once the time comes under 2 minutes, everyone will have 1 life including the infected and become sudden death.

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I say this because I care about you: That is the worst Idea I've ever read and you should go outside and get some sun.

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The online seems too much like FPS out there and making the max level longer is the reason why I play games such as COD online much less. A new Gears should feature brand new characters which can have their own trilogy.

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@Lulu_Lulu: at least i made the effort to make this post though that's your opinion to say what you want, i know some things are bit over top but still it's 'work in progress' if you didn't read that.

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@Nintendo_Man: @Lulu_Lulu: though i favor more of the online as the game is cored at, the online this time around needs to last much longer so it has lots of lifetime within, call of duty games come out annually so getting to max prestige is pain if your willing to spend countless hours grinding to get there where as Gears is more mainstreamed every 3 or so years. Similar to how GTA Online progression works, because it takes so much leveling to get to max in this idea, you would be gaining unlocks (i mean a lot of unlocks) so you wont feel like it's becoming repetitive or too mainstreamed like COD. And to clarify where you were stating it's more like a FPS, please look at Judgement and you'll see how FPS that game is, this idea is try and bring more to the player and like the past games a lot what you get bargained for.

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You've realty put a lot of thought into this haven't you. I won't lie I didn't read all of it but nice effort nonetheless, don't listen to the haters.

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You put a lot of effort into making this thread I respect that.

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Please no more Gears of war. It was good while it lasted. But after the 2nd one, it went downhill.

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@dark_rage864: The GoW story is complete and if there are any more games..they will be set in a different world of the same universe. Dead topic..nothing to see here!

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I've got a great idea, they just let the series die.

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2016? I liked all the gamse .... I wish the franchise didn't end.

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Man, that took some time.

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As long as its a complete 180 from Gears 3. I loved the first and second but the third was horrible. Judgement wasnt too bad but it wasnt great either. Felt more of the same.