Did xbox Live just go down?

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I didn't see anything in the first page and figured something like this would be new as it just happened. I connected my xbox one up and started to download the patch, then it disconnected and said their is a problem with the internet connection and is trying to blame my service provider...

Except I am online right now asking this very question, so internet is not the issue. Is anyone else having issues with the day one update and google didn't have any results for xbox live being down other than earlier today, but that said it came back up.

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@ryangcnx-2: We were having the same issue launch day on ps4. So many people connecting all at once that's why. Give it an hour or two.

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Well I decided to shut the system off and then back on and all of a sudden it's working again. Dunno what happened but i guess this thread can be closed.

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Thanks for the reply, it's all good now. Just seemed like my luck when it was already started and then just cut off randomly.