3rd Party Games 'Rushed for Release'??

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#1 Posted by thenephariouson (3953 posts) -

Anyone else get the impression that BF4, CoD Ghosts & AC:Black Flag have been rushed for release??

Although I was intending on getting CoD:Ghosts at Xbox One launch, I now think i'm going to skip all these initial 3rd party games as it appears to me that they've all been rushed to market (hence the post release resolution upgrades, etc).

I just don't fancy spending my $$ on a game which will have a much better and complete follow-up (BF5, CoD:????, AC:???) where developers have gained the knowledge and experience to provide a more complete package, without having the same strict time constraints.

So for me, my initial 'Launch' games will be Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5 (bundled).

#2 Posted by amckeel2 (25 posts) -

I need my COD. Regardless I agree with xbone changing it's specs last minute they were unable to get em tuned in right no biggie. Ill deal im not missing out on great games cause of 720 or 900p.

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All games get rushed for launch, even Turn 10 said they couldn't get more stuff in because of time constraints.

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Rushed or not I think the reviews speak for themselves. And from what's being said you can't go wrong with either of them.