Would you rather: hiatus or downhill releases?

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Let me explain...

Fans of Nintendo franchises Star Fox, F-Zero, and Metroid feel neglected when Nintendo themselves pretty much put these franchises on hold after horrible sales and, in some cases, fan backlash. While their "triforce" (Mario/Zelda/Pokemon) and fairly popular, but lower tier franchises (Kirby) still thrive on (Mario received a poor launch in Japan though). Heck, some franchises (Donkey Kong, courtesy of Retro Studios) eventually resurrect at one point (all DK had before Returns was crappy spinoffs like Konga and Barrel Blast). In Star Fox and F-Zero's case, it worsens the pain when Miyamoto talks about why Nintendo's been holding back on them, while Metroid, as of recently has only been teased by the higher-ups and nothing came out of it. And there's also cameos in other games (Nintendo Land, Tekken Tag 2, Mario Kart Wii, Animal Crossing, and Smash Bros).

Sonic fans felt the same when their favorite franchise was continually marred down with poorly received games post-Sonic Heroes and pre-Colors (although the recent Lost World wasn't so hot in reception), with Shadow, Sonic 06, Unleashed, and Sonic Genesis. As said in parenthesis above, this argument can be added to Donkey Kong pre-Returns (because even Nintendo had this issue at one point).

So, which is the better poison? Favorite franchise on hiatus or continually poor releases?

By the way, I would have made a poll on this, but since I didn't find out that I could only do it BEFORE I make the thread, I feel like an idiot.

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Definately Down hill releases ! :)

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Sequels for the sake of sequels is lame. Do what Rockstar are doing with their games.

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@ 001011000101101

And whats that ? New IPs that are just GTA in a different theme

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@001011000101101: You're right, make one new IP, but release sequels as well. Doesn't that sound familiar?

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

@ 001011000101101

And whats that ? New IPs that are just GTA in a different theme

Either you haven't played any of their games from the last five years or you're just completely stupid.

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I'd go with the hiatus. It's nice to have your favourite games come out more often just for the sake of being able to play them but they're usually not as good as they could be given more dev time.

BF4 is one of those games, I loved having it come out so soon after BF3 just for the sake of having a new BF game to play but it was so incredibly rushed and could have done with another year

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Hiatus. Metroid was gone for 8 years and then came back with Metroid Prime.

Commercial viability is exceptionally important to a company, and I fully understand when Nintendo doesn't want to risk making a game that won't make them money. Gamers are entitled whiners that want before they think.

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I'd rather not see sequels if they're just going to get worse and worse.

I don't even know why gamers demand sequels so much. It seems to be a very terrible problem in the game industry.

I think there is just some huge disconnect between the playerbase, and the available game libraries out there for people to play.