Why Playstation owners doesn't buy games?

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First, i took 1-2 move/Kinect games and then also i added from top selling games. Every game is last sequel game. For example, there are Uncharted 1,2 and 3. I added Uncharted 3 because it´s last sequel game. All sequel games.

So let´s talk about games. As we all know that Sony fanboys keeps saying that "we got better games" and then when game is released then suddenly nobody buys a damn thing... instead people buy Xbox exclusive. It was a last gen case, now same case in next gen.

So, i show you last gen top selling games:

Now let´s take a look exclusive games right now:

I added Halo and Black Ops because Titanfall is mixed FPS game. InFAMOUS flop, Titanfall outsells 10:1 inFAMOUS. Clearly, PS owners are not interested in PS exclusives at all. Titanfall beta players 90% at least said that it´s best BETA game they ever played. 7hr Single-Player game vs. unlimited single/multiplayer game.

So, why PLAYSTATION OWNERS DOSENT BUY GAMES??? I guess thats why PS owners are in gamespot forum and troll because they got nothing to play. If i look at Killzone sale and then you see that only 1500 players are playing online proves that it´s just 1 time play and thats it. Titanfall is created by team who made first "Modern Warfare" which was voted second top last gen game of all time.


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Sometimes I imagine your hand getting caught in a garbage disposal so you can't use a keyboard anymore. Sometimes I dream.

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Where do you get this Titanfall outsells 10:1? Plus, is Titanfall even an XB1 exclusive?

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