Unreal Tournament or Project BlueStreak ?

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So which one are you guys more excited for a completely free game made by Epic Games and modders or Blue Streak another arena shooter that is going to be develop by Cliff Bleszinski own studio. He apparently retired than came back and is now working on the F2P game published by Nexon. Apparently Cliff doesn't want it to be pay to win.

Which arena shooter are you rather excited for the most

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Unreal tournament for MP

Doom and Next FWH game for SP

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As of right now Unreal Tournament because I know far more about it and really enjoy the direction they are taking. I know nothing of BlueStreak and frankly Nexon as the publisher scares me.

Unreal Tournament is 100% free, not F2P. It's up to users if they want to charge for the content they produce and release on the marketplace.

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Nexon doesn't make games that aren't pay to win. Way more hyped for UT

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Unreal Tournament will be community driven. Almost by default this means it will be great.

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It have a feeling Blue streak will be pay to win

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Unreal Tournament . Not excited for Blue Streak anymore , until I see more but still I don't think it'll be as good as Unreal Tournament . You really can't defeat creativity of modders .

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Both, PC ftw

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I misinterpreted the title and thought you meant this:

I was gonna say they're making a new one?

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unreal tournament unless CliffyB makes Blue Streak exactly like Unreal Championship 2 for xbox. I know that wont happen but I can dream right.

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Unreal Tournament because knowing Nexon there going to find a way to make money that we probably won't like

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I'll be playing both, cause arena shooters are awesome and have been gone too long.