Tropico 4 Complete 99% Off, Available $0.39 (EDIT: $5.99)

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That... is a hell of a sale 0_0

It's actually probably an error, but even if it is, just buy it now. You get Tropico 4, alongside all of the DLC, expansions, and add on content... for $0.39.

So, er... buy it.

EDIT: And they fixed it, it's now $5.99, I think. Congratulations to those of you who nabbed it!

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Mother of sales. I was able to get it. Thanks for the heads up.

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Thanks for the heads-up.

so, uhh... what did I just buy?

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Was able to get it. Even though I already own the game, I bought the bundle because of DLCs :D

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Just printed my receipt too in case those dicks say it was a mistake or something.

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@Sword-Demon said:

Thanks for the heads-up.

so, uhh... what did I just buy?

Lol. It's sort of like a city sim. Think SimCity, but more flavored, and less open ended.

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@bldgirsh said:

Mother of sales. I was able to get it. Thanks for the heads up.


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Thanks for the heads up. I was looking at it earlier thinking of buying it, but for $.39 you can't go wrong.

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oh, cool

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This is one of those times I'm happy I have some spare money in my Steam Wallet.

I felt a bit bad buying it that cheap.

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I'm probably only gonna play it for an hour (not my type of game really) but for 39 cent with all DLC eh I'll give it a shot.

<3 Steam sales

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might wanna fix the title now since its $5.99
I didn't get it, but I did just look at the page.

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Amazing sale I thought I picked up a bargain when I got it for £3 last week

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No longer £0.29

It's went up to £4.49

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I already owned this, and Tropico 5, its a good game and its still worth the £4.49 its gone back up to.

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Damn that was fast.

Literally 2 minutes after I bought it, the price changed to $5.99 for the bundle.

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i nabbed it even though i already have the game

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Not sure my post didn't appear but I got it for the 99% off.

Thanks for the heads up Char!!

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Glad I got two bundles haha.

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I missed it, but I managed to trade for it with a TF2 item worth $0.70. :D

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i only got 18 copies damn

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@Liquid_ said:

i only got 18 copies damn

Haha I wish I'd bought two now but never mind, don't want to be greedy.

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Not my type of game. Even for free it's not for me.

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@Liquid_ said:

i only got 18 copies damn

lol. I would have tried doing something similar.