So after all the hype and advertising...

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Have you seen Titanfall's Metacritic score? It's an 86 lmao

And it's a very high possibility that the score will go down even further!

Wow, can you imagine... The most hyped up game by Xbox fans, equivalent to the hype TLOU received, getting an 85 or an 84, maybe even 83? Atleast TLOU got a 95 score with over 200 GOTY awards!

But eh, this was the savior of the X1?

The game gets outscored by Heavy Rain for gods sake lolol. Drop a titan on that!

But, Gamespot only matters!! Keep telling yourself that guys, if the game got a 98 on Metacritic we wouldn't hear the end of it hihi.

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pathetic.. going with either tormentos, juarbles or that grenade launcher

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@sts106mat said:


86 really is pathetic lolol

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Inb4lock to say it is a multiplayer only game and is super fun but I think it will change how we play FPS now people and companies forgot the fun factor and TitanFall does that I don't agree 60 bucks is worth it for MP only but it's a well worthwhile purchase

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enjoy the lock

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