Smash has generic reboot name/Won't support cross play.

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3DS and Wii U versions of Smash won't do cross-play due to having different stages.

Finally the Sony clone does something better than the competition. Though I wonder, if stages are different what else could be exclusive between the versions? I'll be buying both either way.


They do talk to each other though, with Sakurai dropping the very criptic hint of being able to transfer something charecter specific to the Wii U version. All we know is it isn't costumes and won't be tedious to get.

Also, Sorry chaz. No Super Smash Bros Kerfufle. Took the names from the same book as Tomb Raider and Twisted Metal.

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Unlike Sony, Nintendo doesn't release the same game on both platforms. They actually take time to build the experience for the intended system. Thank you Nintendo for not being lazy.
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No Cross play, is pretty lame but given how slow Nintendo has been to simply adopt online play i'm not surprised. Not likely getting the 3DS verison because this is definitely a game to play with friends on the couch.

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I may still get both versions, depending on what differences there between them and what they share between eachother.

But if I'm only buying one? I'm getting the Wii U version.

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