Smash Bros vs Playstation All Stars Visuals

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Poll: Smash Bros vs Playstation All Stars Visuals (32 votes)

Smash Bros 72%
Playstation All Stars 25%

Which mascot brawler looks better?

Playstation All Stars

Smash Bros

Maybe even the 3DS Version looks better than PS All Stars?

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It's not letting me add the Playstation All Stars Battle Royale screenshots but we all know what they look like.

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All dat 1080p dosn't help PSASBR from being visually boring even compared to Brawl, it sure as hell has no chance now.

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Smash easily. PSABR was kind of fun but very very dull visually.

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Looked like SuperBot was on a budget, then again it's Sony.

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Smash Bros. Looks beautiful.

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I just realice how good the 3DS version looks.

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I vote for Sony in every poll

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Smash Bros. looks beautiful, both versions.


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The third option was: "Smash Bros 3DS Looks Better Than Playstation All Stars" but for some reason they cut that out, same with the PS All Stars screenshots. This new Gamespot sucks.

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Playstation All Stars lacked an Art Style. Neither did Brawl, but this one new one seems to have one. I like it better than PSASBR

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Yeah it's still not letting me post the All Stars screen shots, the comparison was funny too. Here's the link though:

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PSAS was graphically better than brawl for sure.

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PSAS just doesn't look appealing compared to Nintys mascot brawler.

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PSAS was a good idea that was terrible executed. Its not that they didnt have the right cast of characters, its just that they didnt exploit each characters unique features quite well, and the core game mechanic was just lame. Nintendo diverged from typical fighter conventions and brought about the "percentage" system which I believe was a complete stroke of genius. PSAS lacked that core stroke of genius. Then the characters and levels just looked drab. I would have much rather they had taken a some form of stylistic freedom so the characters feel like they can exist in the same universe. The luck Nintendo has is that its like Disney. While Disney characters all come from different worlds, its not too far fetched to see them all in a single world/movie/game.

Sony's characters go from more child friendly, to brutally violent, so its hard to see Kratos in a ring with someone like Ratchet and not find that odd. I would have much rather they just took some artistic license and kept kratos, but rather than a pure copy/paste of how he looks in GoW, alter him a bit, so he looks like he could exist in the same universe as Ratchet and Clank. Same with all the other more realistic characters (Drake, Radec)...they needed to be "cartoonized a bit more". The game just looked like a collage of unrelated pieces just thrown together

Anyways, all that is irrelevant considering the core gameplay mechanics were ultimately flawed.

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PSAS was graphically better than brawl for sure.

By technical aspects, that's pretty obvious considering the platform it's on.

Art style? Can't say I agree.

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Smash bros. Wii U looks fantastic, it's so crisp.

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I vote for Sony in every poll

What about a poll about what is the worst gaming company?

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Without screens of all-stars, this is a useless thread. I can't compare.

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Who cares tho?