Series returns or reboots. What is your list?

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There are so many great franchises from our past that seem to have gone by the wayside. I was wondering what series you guys feel need a return or rebooted. For me my list would be.....

Resident Evil

Brute Force

Rainbow Six


Mech Assault

Crimson Skies

Syphon Filter

Twisted Metal

StarWars Battlefront 3


Perfect Dark

Unreal Tournamnet

Phantasy Star Online

There are so many more, but these are just the ones of the top of my head. I am very excited for a lot of the new I.P.'s that are coming our way, but some of the classics from the past would be amazing with the power of the new consoles and PC's.

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Crash Bandicoot

new 2D Oddworld game

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Valkyria Chronicles. I want that damn 3rd game localized.

And then I want 20 more games released.

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I would love a remake of symphony of the night with a journey like graphics, but not just updated graphics but also throw in some extra contents and cut scenes in there, keep it a side scroller

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The Conflict series. And not the last one they did as a FPS. That was garbage. Give me the 4 man squad, 3rd person co-op back!!!

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I just want jade empire 2. Oh and mvp baseball. When my I wake up a little more I'll have others.

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Video game reboots become diluted action heavy dribble that sometimes have, nothing to do with the original other than assaulting the legacy. Modern gaming is sadly too much of a joke to be taken seriously. It's very much like having one of those women you people watch on MTV "Kim Kardashian" attempt to conduct a orchestra playing Mozarts "Requiem". Just leave the classics dead, with dignity.

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I really liked the original on xbox and would like to see a new onimusha like the original was but without fixed camera.

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Shenmue!!! And maybe Syphon Filter

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New carmageddon in 6 days

Wasteland 2...nearly 30 years since the last

Armikrog finally a spiritual successor to the Never hood made by the same people.

Planetary annihilation successor to total annihilation.

I love how the pc is having a revival of long dormant and forgotten ip's from the past 30 years

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Onimusha...bring back Samanosuke

Syphon Filter



and more SSX3.

Make it so, Number One.

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A new Prince of Persia would be nice.

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  • Dark Forces/Jedi Knight
  • X-Wing/Tie Fighter
  • Rogue Squadron
  • Streets of Rage
  • NiGHTS
  • Panzer Dragoon
  • Gunstar Heroes
  • Guardian Heroes
  • Mega Man X
  • Age of Mythology
  • F-Zero
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Splinter Cell needs a return to pre conviction era.