New Xbox Live Cloud Seems Significantly Slower than PSN

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Anyone else feels the same?

I thought distributed cloud servers would somehow enhance the download speed of XBL, but it appears to take approx 25 minutes per 1GB

PSN isn't fast either, but at least it manages to do 1GB in approx 15 minutes.

Granted, this should definitely not be at all representative of XBL / PSN performance, as it's just the account of one case.

Hence I though to ask if others (i.e. people with decent bandwidth at home so they could tell the difference) are too experiencing the same poor performance.

P.S. My home bandwidth is a decent 100Mb/s (which usually downloads 1GB in just approx 1 - 2 minutes)

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First world problems, complaining about downloading 1GB in 25 minutes lol :P

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I doubt the whole "cloud" service will really be pushed until next year by MS. It's obvious it was going to hit a few teething problems just after launch but when it settles down a bit I'm sure it'll be competing with Sony in terms of speed.

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Yes this is widely reported. Weak cloud.

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Don't know if its the same for you guys, but on the PS4, if you have it set to standby mode, games download much quicker. Downloading the MP portion of COD only took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes, thats a 14GB download. Forza in the other hand took much longer, I would say 6 hours or more, for the 33GB download to finish.

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Xbox Live isn't fully up and running yet, simple as that. At the moment they have all the base functions up and running, but not at it's best.

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It takes me 4-6 minutes to download 1GB from XBL.

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I downloaded cod ghosts in just over an hour including the install.

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My cloud has lightning shooting out of it..................that is why it is the Godbox.

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slow download speeds.

no big deal for the last 7 years.

but now a problem.

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cloud is a overhyped crap

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Interesting. I'm getting great speeds off of PSN.

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@Suppaman100 said:

Dat gif!

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I downloaded Ryse in about 2 hours and that's over 30 gigs!

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I downloaded the whole internet in an hour but it should have taken 55 minutes. Teh slowdness

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There a lot of factors that are on play here so it's hard to say. It could just simply be your connection. Or maybe your location relative to their servers.

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I feel for people in regions where they haven't even got data centres yet as it'll only be slower for them, nevermind those on slower internet connections.

Sony's launch seems so much better planned in the little aspects, it's clear playing as you install was planned early in the development phase and their purchase of Gaikai probably gained them some good knowledge in compression and packaging of data. MS however have you waiting on installs 15xs longer and longer downloads.