March NPD Prediction thread (4 days to go!!)

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this is it gentlemen, its the month we have been waiting for, get your final predictions in. good vs evil, sony's for gamers by gamers mantra (special thanks to heli) vs m$ marketing power, godstation vs $hitbox, infamous vs titanfall its all happening. i hope lems are brave are pick x1 since u have been touting titanfall forever, the ownage will be hilarious.

results are due on 17.04.14 at around 18:00 EST, i will update this thread with them.

jan npd thread

feb npd thread

feburary results, u may use this for reference (~ means estimates):

PS4: 268K

XB1: 258K

3DS: ~155K

360: 114K

PS3: 103K

Wii U: 82K (updated from gaff, feb npd thread estimates are outdated)

wii ~ 38k

vita ~ 10k

total consoles sales in US as of last month:

PS4: ~2.56 million

Wii U: ~2.23 million

Xbone: ~2.22 million

things to take into consideration: titanfall/infamous, m$ bundling/price drop, ps4 supply has been good, 5 week npd

MY Prediction: ps4 will win, it will sell 475k, x1 will sell around 400k despite m$ begging. OWNAGE WILL BE SERVED!!!!!!!

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I can't wait for the meltdown in 4 days.

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@iloveatlus said:

I can't wait for the meltdown in 4 days.

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I predict sony ahead by 25,000.

I really hope that Sony packs the Last of Us remastered in with the PS4 and drives a stake in M$ hearts.

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@Desmonic said:

I'd say the X1 will manage to grab the number 1 spot for this month (with Titanfall being at least in the top 3 best selling software titles).

I also somewhat "predict" that there will be (some) lems that will claim that sales have finally "stabilized" to "regular" numbers (aka X1 on top of PS4 in NA), only to be surprised by April numbers when PS4 once again regains said #1 spot :P


IF however the PS4 does indeed manage to be on top this month, I'll be very, very impressed. That would be a major win for Sony IMO.

titanfall will sell well no doubt but its real job was to move shitboxes of retail shelves and given that m$ has been bundling them for the same price as standalone ps4 i dont think its done its job. they prob spent loads of money on money hatting, marketing and now eating up the costs of bundle price cuts. all in all i dont think they made no monetary gains from this deal, march npd thread lem meltdown will only be matched when titanfall 2 gets announced for ps4

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PS4 will win again by a small margin.

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Xbox One will outsell the PS4 by a few 10's of thousands but everything will go back to normal in the April NPD(PS4 outselling the Xbox). I honestly don't believe Titanfall will have the "legs" to carry the Xbox One for more than a month. Titanfall is a really fun and addictive game but it really is just COD with mechs, the appeal will last for a bit but then it'll dead out.

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Easy win for the Xbone.

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Cows should start compiling their DC now.

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Xbox One will see an increase in sales and get ahead of the PS4 thanks to TitanFall, but that spike probably won't last for long. PS4 will sell more or less what it did last month. Wii-U might increase a little bit as Mario Kart 8's release approaches, but it won't be very close to the competition.

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The Month of Months.

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No point in making a prediction. Wait for the results.

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But, bu there was a shortage.

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Considering that in Feb. the XOne nearly beat the PS4, I think it should beat it in march. The results will be interesting that's for sure, and regardless who sells more I suspect both will have had a great month.....this is what competition does, drives each side to excel. Great time to be a gamer basically.

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My only prediction is either way there will be much gloating and much damage controlling. As with last NPD results, it is a very safe bet. :P

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Quoting what I said in another thread, after so many desperate tactics, I'll be in shock if the X1 doesnt win March

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PS4 - 300k'ish

WiiU - Who knows

XBone - 520k or else it is in deep shit (That's the bump 360 got from Gears of War)

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Bearing in mind I said there was no point...

1. PS4

2. Xbox 1

3. PS3/Xbox 360

4. 3DS

5. PS vita



72. Magnavox Odyssey


94. Mega Duck handheld


122. Wii U

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@Desmonic said:

@misterpmedia: Dude seriously, please resize that big ass sig. It gets annoying really fast plus it takes more space than most posts...

that better cupcake?

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All I predict is that Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster makes the top 10.

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@Desmonic said:

@misterpmedia: Much better sugarcake. Though you could have just used the same, but smaller brah.

Exclusive Carano game coming to PS4 felt more appropriate :P

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XB1 = 350K

PS4 = 290K

WiiU = 150K

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PS4: around 287,000

Xbox One: 258,000

I expect Xbox One to do better than the PS4 in March because all of the deals and Titanfall.

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@Desmonic: I just hope either (or both) versions outsell Lightning Returns. Square Enix needs new management and every sign of the past (either past game-style like Bravely Default, or nostalgic driven games like FFXHD) succeeding is proof.

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There is already a thread on the March NPD predictions/results on the front page. Please keep your predictions in there.