Is Kingoflife9 the worst gamespot member ever?

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Poll: Is Kingoflife9 the worst gamespot member ever? (50 votes)

Yes 74%
No 20%

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#1 Posted by Xaero_Gravity (8721 posts) -

Xaero_Gravity is worse.

#2 Posted by I-AM-N00B (410 posts) -

No, because I am the worst Gamespot member ever!

#3 Posted by Heil68 (43975 posts) -

Shit Storm will be brewing in here TC. D:

#4 Posted by ghostwarrior786 (4326 posts) -

he is extremely insecure about his purchase yes

#5 Posted by TheTruthIsREAL (761 posts) -

He has really made his self a joke here in system wars. I try to mitigate the self ownage he gives himself by telling him to stop posting. He has become filled with anger because of the proud Sony fans that reminds him of why Sony is KING. With each day that pass, he becomes less of a human and more of a microdroid bot.

#6 Edited by PinkiePirate (2086 posts) -

Most persistent, maybe.

#7 Posted by gameofthering (10200 posts) -



#8 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (3542 posts) -

I don't know, there's so many shitty members.

#9 Edited by Solid_Max13 (3544 posts) -

He's definitely one of them, posts same useless garbage each day

#10 Posted by StriateEnd (497 posts) -

He's terrible. So much butthurt.

#11 Edited by KeepClearx (59 posts) -

I guess he likes defending his preferred console in every-way possible, because at the moment it's in threat from big competition. He's properly thinking this moment how to degrade PS4 again as he sits next to his xbone with ryse on pause

#12 Posted by Trail_Mix (2021 posts) -
#13 Posted by uninspiredcup (8317 posts) -

The people with the anime avatars are the worst. Grow up.

#14 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (3542 posts) -
#15 Posted by Zassimick (6456 posts) -

Nope, nowhere near worst. I'd say not even close to top 20.

But good on you for giving him the attention he so desperately desires.

#16 Posted by MajesticShea (695 posts) -

He's such a fucking doodoo head

#17 Posted by XBOunity (2981 posts) -

@TheTruthIsREAL: cliffy acts like he is a big gamespotter now lol but but I lurk

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#19 Posted by Gue1 (9771 posts) -

but man you can never let your jimmies get rustled. That's what trolls want!

#20 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25649 posts) -

The only thing lower than the quality of his posts is the resolution his console can manage, trolleylol.

#21 Posted by TheTruthIsREAL (761 posts) -
#22 Edited by waltefmoney (18030 posts) -

The people with the anime avatars are the worst. Grow up.

Real talk

#23 Edited by XBOunity (2981 posts) -

Man systemwars is different lol

#25 Edited by Rage010101 (5470 posts) -

When it comes to Lems, quite possibly yes. Theres alot of cows that are even worse though.

#26 Posted by super600 (30522 posts) -

No!He is the not the worst gamespot member ever. And this is not a SW topic.