Great news for alien fans

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This is quite gripping.

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Ripped out of the game? It's a completely different setting/set of characters/story how does that fit into the game? It could have been a nice bonus when you completed the game but nobody does stuff like that anymore, at least they're not forcing you to buy the game day 1 to play it.

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I want to preorder Alien: Isolation...but I can't be sure the game will be good! Alien video games have been so hit, miss, miss, miss.

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well, stop your grinnin' and drop your linen

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Sounds like a facehugger to me...

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It should be included in game free for everyone. I'm not saying that out of principle like all games should do this, after all I've been forgiving when other games do this. But damnit, I want to see an Alien franchise game succeed for a change, and packing in content can go a long way. Besides Aliens: Infestation on the DS I hadn't played a satisfying Aliens game since AVP2 on the PC some 13 years ago. So it worries me what can happen if they're already planning a DLC milking strategy before the game has even been vetted. After all they did the same shit with Colonial Marines planning DLC season passes and shit and within hours of launch and the review embargo lifting they were already throwing blame around. I don't want to see that again.

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In an age where first day sales mean the most profits, I fully understand why a developer would want to encourage early adoption.

That said, there was a time when developers gave away content more substantial than this for free, just for buying their game.

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I'm going to wait and see how it the game turns out the Alien IP hasn't been doing so good lately and this could be its last hope

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Some mother and daughter co-op would be nice ! :)