Get Ready for More Blogs in SW

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Said JodyR--

"A staff member recently asked why we don't allow users to post about their blogs, or blog style forum posts. I told him that it was the norm on GameSpot. How many times have you seen someone post about their blog or post something that wasn't a "discussion" and other users tell him or her to "blog about it".

This is something that I've only seen happen on GameSpot so I wanted to get your thoughts about the idea of us allowing people to post about their blogs or simply post clips or blog related content in the forums.

Please take a moment to vote in the poll and share why you want to see blog content in the forums or why you want it to remain how it always has been on the site.


If you feel strongly about this issue, visit the official thread and sound off!

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Get ready to see blogs in System Wars, it sure looks like not enough people mind!