Gamespot : RPG-Lichdom: Battlemage Gameplay. Release Date

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Devs have announced that PC RPG , Lichdom : Battlemage will be hitting steam on August 26th . Female Protagonist is voice acted by Jennifer Hale . For more info about voice actors and Pax East gameplay , watch the video below posted by good folks at Gamespot .

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Nice. Isn't really my type of game but looks really promising.

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Wow looks good, might have to buy this.

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Far Cry 3 with magic and stuff. Awesome.

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Hmm... that looks quite interesting.

Will put it on my Wishlist.

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Very interesting concept.

However, if you have a good looking game, running on a great engine like cryengine, don't waste the entire look of the game with absurd amounts of blur. It destroys all the effort that the team has put into making the game look good.

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Sounds like Diablo 3 wizard in first person...

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Looks like a good action adventure. It has come a long way from looking completely meh, to looking enjoyable. Though some of the HP bloating on some enemies like that Banshee may need to be looked into.

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Looks ok. GS video isn't the greatest.

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Looks bad. Why such shitty graphics if it's PC exclusive?

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@Pray_to_me said:

Looks bad. Why such shitty graphics if it's PC exclusive?

This. They're really washed out and the art style is bland.

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Sounds interesting.