Gamespot: Microsoft's "Threshold" to unify Xbox One, Windows

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Update said to launch in 2015 will reportedly allow Xbox One, Windows, and Windows Phone to share common elements more easily.

If plans hold, Threshold will feature updates to Microsoft's three main operating systems platforms--Xbox One, Windows, and Windows Phone--allowing them to share common elements more easily than in the past. A single app store for all three platforms is also in the pipeline, the report claims.

The Threshold codename is taken from the Halo series. It is the name of the planet around which the first halo ring orbited in the original Halo: Combat Evolved. Microsoft's Siri competitor will reportedly be called Cortana, also associated with the Halo franchise.

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just wait

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It still sucks

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ballmer looks experienced at cunnilingus.

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if they want to strengthen this, allow for digital purchases of their games to allow for play on both X1 and PC, screw whatever else they have planned if they can land that then that'll be a strong selling point

same for Sony for that matter, if they can have strong Steam and PS4 cross platform digital ownership then it's going to be a pretty lopsided console war

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XBMC or Plex app on X1? win. Otherwise, who cares. Its windows 9

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share common elements, but we wont be seeing Halo5 on mobile or Windows8 any time ever.

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keep your garbage away from my operating systems

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I only care about the games Microsoft, not the interface!