Do you think someday Sony will resurrect Colony Wars or any other old IPs?

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#1 Posted by DrRockso87 (2548 posts) -

They brought back Shadow of the Beast. Maybe someday they'll find a (indie) developer to "reimagine" this series too (I'd love to see someone bring back MediEvil). Same with Lemmings, Destruction Derby, G-Police, etc.

Just a thought.

#2 Posted by Boddicker (3059 posts) -

The first Colony Wars was a great game.  If it showed up on PSN I'd snap it up in a second (ya hear me Sony?!?).

Sadly like any game it was a product of its time, the 90's, when space flight sims like Wing Commander to the much superior Tie Fighter actually had an appreciable audience.  Now it's 2013 and flight sims of any kind are a very niche product.

Sad but true.  I really would like to see them make a comeback.

#3 Posted by clyde46 (47476 posts) -
I remember playing that demo!
#4 Posted by ManatuBeard (1121 posts) -

I would love to see Medievil back!

And now that Guerrilla Cambridge is done with Killzone Mercenary, they have a chance to do it!

#5 Posted by AcidSoldner (7051 posts) -
You never know, they brought back Warhawk and no one really expected that one.
#6 Posted by OneInchMan99 (1248 posts) -

An open world G-Police where you could fly choppers and run around on the ground would be glorious.

I'm tired of playing the bad guy/criminal in games,I wanna round up some fools and send them to the slammer!!!!

#7 Posted by Riverwolf007 (24187 posts) -

i wish.

i just bought dark star one because i want to play one of these so bad and while it is ok it is no colony wars.

also i would love to see a g-police sequel.

#8 Posted by ni6htmare01 (1105 posts) -

I want to see a PS4 Syphon Filter

#9 Posted by Nike_Air (18425 posts) -

Maybe. They brought back Warhawk and it was glorious. 

#10 Posted by PAL360 (27264 posts) -

Nice selection of games TC! I want them all.

#11 Posted by lowe0 (13692 posts) -
I'd buy another Colony Wars. Who says console gamers can't figure out space combat?
#12 Posted by ionusX (25716 posts) -

they wont.. unless colony wars becomes some edgy hotshot fps.. :lol:

#13 Posted by campzor (34932 posts) -
resurrect ape escape please sony. DO IT
#14 Posted by slimjimbadboy (1731 posts) -

Wouldn't mind SOE re-releasing Tanarus. Pretty sure I'd lose a few hundred hours of my life to that.