Do people get their jollies from hating other system's?

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To start I have two 360's,a Wii,a Wii U,A PS3 and PS4,a XBOX,XBOX ONE,VITA,PSP,3DS,and a DREAMCAST so I aint no fanboy thats for sure so what would I get from hating one over the other I have no clue and is just sad and foolish IMO!

Sure they all have their pros and cons,for example the 360 had the RROD which caused me to buy my fair share of those and that just sucked,used live membership to go online to play multiplayer as well as a points system to buy games sucked but paying for online seems the norm now but overall I enjoy the system!I still play the first Xbox quite a bit as well.

The Wii was weak in visuals for the most part and also had the points system(still has) which is again a pain to have a 100 or so points left over.But it was different and nice for a change with its controls.

The Wii U has had a rough go thats for sure and has some problems!Is the system a horrible system overall well no but it does have a small amount of HDD space which to me is a bit of a pain but not the end of all things to come and is behind a little but its good enough.$'s is now used instead of points thank God and the extra screen is great!

The PS3 had Blu-Ray which was a bonus and some great games but has these long ass installs and seemed a little slow but hey when it was time to play I forgot all about the latter.It was a little slow out of the gate but I lived,haha.

The PS4 so far so good,the UI IMO is easy to grasp and no complaints so far,a big difference to the PS3.The online for multiplayer aint free anymore but again thats gonna be the norm nowadays..

The X1 so far so good as well but the UI is confusing starting off and really?,we are gonna complain about 720p res,come on people,the games look just fine,Ryse was wonderful,a little bare yes but fun from beginning to end!I have better things to do like play the damn thing and judge for myself,not one persons opinion!

The handhelds are all great and offer something different and yes I wish the Vita had a little more happening but that will change I hope.

The Dreamcast is well the Dreamcast and I play the crap out of that thing to this day,its a shame it ended up between the 64 and PS2 which is what I think did the most damage.

So as you can see I dont have a hate for any of these systems and enjoy them all and just like games.The day Sega went software only was the day their games have gotten worse but not out of this world horrible and still having them as a hardware company would be great!

Some people need to get real and realize there are better things than worrying which system is better and what one does than the other does'nt ,its not like I'm gonna get royalties for picking up for one or the other so again there is nothing to gain and by playing whatever you can there is nothing to lose.If you cant get all of them then get what you can and be happy!I enjoy games and the systems they are on and thats that!

PC is also great if thats what you prefer,I'm looking at getting a new gaming rig in the new year as long as my wife gets to use it for work,lol.Share your opinions!

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I'd say it's less about hating on the other system, and more hating on those that buy the other system.

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Why do you have so many systems? Go outside a bit bro you never gonna get laid at this rate

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Did you miss the forum name? It's SYSTEM WARS.

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@argetlam00: HAHA I am married so getting laid is not a problem and I did'nt buy the systems all in one day,lol.I get out plenty bud no worries!

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@st_anger10 said:

@argetlam00: HAHA I am married so getting laid is not a problem and I did'nt buy the systems all in one day,lol.I get out plenty bud no worries!

Well if you want a serious answer to your original question then it is yes, they absolutely do get their jollies from hating other systems. If they manage to bring up the reputation of one system while bringing down another they help justify their purchase and feel better about themselves. Nobody likes buying shit products and people who take the possibility of disappointment as a personal failure are the reason fanboys exist.

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@Heil68: Well where else am I gonna stick it,Im talking about hating on systems ain't I?Is'nt that what we do in system wars?

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I don't really think so. At least, I hope not. Users here like to troll to get a reaction out of other users. Do they really hold the hate for a piece of plastic that's not their choosing? Doubt it.

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Yes. Isn't it painfully obvious.

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@st_anger10 said:

@Heil68: Well where else am I gonna stick it,Im talking about hating on systems ain't I?Is'nt that what we do in system wars?

That's the whole premise of SW's I agree with @clone01 though, nobody hates pieces of plastic.

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@clone01: I think your right for the most part,I have buddies from work that do this hate thing all the time and I just shake my head and smile.