Bohemia gives update on arrested employees

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Czech developer Bohemia Interactive has just released a statement regarding their two employees who were arrested for alleged 'spying' on Lemnos, Greece:

tl;dr version:
- The employees were there on holiday, not to shoot footage for Arma 3.
- They were arrested because some hangars were visible in the distance on video footage they shot in a public place.
- The Lemnos featured in Arma 3 will not be an exact copy of the real island, but features fictionalised elements to create a situation as it could be in 2035, so it should pose no security threat.

If this is true, these guys probably were the unfortunate victims of overly suspicious Greek authorities.

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This must suck for them. You'd at least think that if the video contained little-to-no footage of the actual hangars, that it would be passed off as not being for research purposes. After all, they are making a military sim. You'd think something more in-depth than

"Oh, those hangars in the back were the ones we were researching."

"Great video guys. I can't see jack sh*t!"

Hopefully this gets resolved quickly.

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The Greek military go mental over this kind of thing...I think they're hiding UFO's

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If I ever go to Greece, I will never take pictures or video of any kind lest some jeep be in one pixel of the video and they arrest me for spying. Seems like a really dumb and flimsy reason to arrest two guys on vacation because it seems to me they were in a public place and a hangar just happened to get on video off the distance.

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Well even though this is probably a misunderstanding, If I were Bohemia, I would have said the same thing. I mean the last thing you're supposed to say as a secret agent is, "Damn, you got me, and yes I am a spy!"

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Glad it is this way and not them just taking blatant pics of places. This makes it very very likely that they will be cautioned and everything will go back to normal. I was worried something would halt Arma III but I'm glad it won't now.

Greece government seems very touchy if this is what really happened

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I want to know why the government even searched through their cameras in the first place and I'd also like to know why they are being so tough on something like this when you can probably just go on google earth and get more detail.

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Greece has to get money somehow :D! Pretty amusing story, but ofc not so fun for the guys.
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I read the thread title as "bohemia gives up on arrested employees" :lol: For a second I though it was a case of "They're done for, forget them and move on!" :P
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The media did a terrible job with this, I'm glad to see everything went better than expectations.

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F*ck Greece. First they cause the downfall of europe, lose a lot of jobs in their own they arrest honest people trying to make a living.

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Um, they must've been doing something rather suspicious to get noticed in the first place. Everyone takes photos when they're on holiday.
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Um, they must've been doing something rather suspicious to get noticed in the first place. Everyone takes photos when they're on holiday.RR360DD

I agree and its a bit of a coincidence that they where only there for a holiday in the very place their new game takes place in. My thought is that they may have been recording/taking pictures of things that they shouldnt have been for references to use in the game, while pretending to be just tourists on holiday. They probably made themselves look suspicious in doing so.

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F*ck Greece. First they cause the downfall of europe


lol no