Amazon Game Sale: About 340 Things on Sale!

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Here you go; have fun.

List your buys :)

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oh man eve online on sale.

gonna need a lot of discipline.

#3 Edited by MonsieurX (30840 posts) -!2334095011%2Cn%3A!2334126011%2Cn%3A7266959011%2Cp_8%3A598371011&bbn=7266959011&ie=UTF8&qid=1409276742&rnid=598367011 75% off or more

lol PSN sales

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NFS: Rivals for 12$!

Oh wait...

Still broke from Steam Summer Sale.

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Lol, Borderlands 2 at $6.66!

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@MonsieurX: that was a ps+ game...still haven't played it

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There are a few good deals in there. But for many of them I feel they've been cheaper before

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This sale just made me realize that I own far too many games...

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Batman Mega Bundle is insane

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It's amazing there are still people that insist it's cheaper to game on consoles when sales like this are so incredibly common on PC.

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Must resist Paradox Grand Strategy Pack.

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I have too many games to finish as it is.

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My poor wallet


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I'm going to get Rajas of India.