Nick Foles is the Greatest Quarterback of All Time.

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I told you guys. 22 of 28 passing for 7 TDs in 3 Quarters. He had more TDs than Incompletions. Let that sink in for a little bit. Nick Foles is GOAT.

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Against the Raiders though.

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Oh Deuce ;)

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That title belongs to the great Blaine Gabbert

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@ManInFlames said:

That title belongs to the great Blaine Gabbert

I don't know about that... I think it could be Ryan Leaf. Let's bring back the old QB competition, but modify it a bit. Whoever MISSES the most targets between the three wins.

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Are we ever getting our old threads back btw? The mods promised and haven't delivered. Granted it'd be unnecessary at this point, as replacements have been made for just about everything, but it's still nice to be able to link directly to these sorts of things.

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@RevanBITW said:

Against the Raiders though.

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@ManInFlames said:

That title belongs to the great Blaine Gabbert

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^ That's my favorite video of all-time.


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Right before his 7 TD game i saw a dude at CVS on Halloween dressed as that bum Mike Vick and I told him he should have went as Nick Foles!

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@deuce4eva: LOL NO! I can argue that Josh McCown is better than Nick Foles since he has yet throw an interception

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No rings not GOAT.

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He has been quite good this season but it is too early to tell if he is going to have an excellent career much less be an over all contender in the long run much less considered a great.

Colin Kopernick had a great season last year but this year the defences all know how to stop him and that may happen to this bloke next year so wait and see before you get carried away.

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@ManInFlames said:

That title belongs to the great Blaine Gabbert

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I watched that recently. I lol'd.

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Eventually, you might say that, but just because he had a couple really good(/lucky) games, that doesn't mean he is the best.