Why does my PS3 make loud cracking sounds?

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#1 Posted by RatchetV1 (2271 posts) -

Whenever i turn it off it makes random loud cracking sounds. The same sound itd probably make if you tapped it with the nail of your finger. Is this bad? I have it on a hard wood floor. Is the PS3 Slim.

#2 Posted by dk00111 (3123 posts) -
Most likely just the plastic cooling down.
#3 Posted by JoKeR_421 (8920 posts) -
Most likely just the plastic cooling down.dk00111
actually it is the plastic cooling down lol, TC yea its normal dont worry about it
#4 Posted by BlackendV (1929 posts) -
I find its only my slim that does it. My 60 gig just gets loud on highest fan speed.
#5 Posted by dk00111 (3123 posts) -
I find its only my slim that does it. My 60 gig just gets loud on highest fan speed.BlackendV
Yeah, it's probably due to the type of plastic that's used in Slims. I've heard my PS3 do it a few times when I first start it up, but it's barely audible.
#6 Posted by Lostboy1224 (3426 posts) -
The plastic is expanding when it gets hot and then contracts as it cools so it pulls and pushes itself. Mine does it all the time and it hasn't broke yet. I would like the PS3 to be able to play as cool as the 360 when your playing games off the hard drive. That was one of the few smart things Microsoft did with their older models.
#7 Posted by BakedDank420 (473 posts) -

Yeah, its most likely what the previous posters said, if its just a "random" crack sound or tap, its prolly your system just, for lack of a better word, "settling". My does it from time to time.

#8 Posted by RatchetV1 (2271 posts) -

Thats good. i was afraid my PS3 was having some sort of problem. Thanks for the feedback !

#9 Posted by SiKh22 (4661 posts) -
I've read that when the plastic expands in electronics and your hear noise because the device was doing something intensive like gaming, they say to let the device return to normal like on a ps3 after quitting a game, just let the system sit on the xmb for a minute and then shut it off so the electronics are no longer being taxed and then suddenly shut off.
#10 Posted by GD-1369211121 (4086 posts) -

It's normal, mine does the same thing.

#11 Posted by SquidBiskets (166 posts) -

Mine does the same thing man, it's annoying when I'm trying to sleep...

#12 Posted by ThePhenomenaIHP (276 posts) -

All slims do it. It's absolutely normal though. You shouldn't worry.

#13 Posted by kyacat (4135 posts) -
Thank goodness I came across this post my slim ps3 started making cracking sounds and was about to make a post about it so okay that slim ps3 making cracking noises
#14 Posted by volume_three (2142 posts) -

My slim did it randomly for the 1st month and hasn't since. Hope the SOB didn't crack! :P

#15 Posted by da_chub (3063 posts) -
it drives me crazy. every time i hear it(which is almst every time i use it) im afraid its going to die. I dont care what it is, its something that shouldnt happen
#16 Posted by DonutNerd (173 posts) -

Yeah, mine does the same, it's the plastic cooling down. Perfectly normal.

#17 Posted by monkeychris (508 posts) -

I had the same question when I got the PS3 slim when it came out. It may be normal but it could be a bad design. Also last fall all of a sudden the game started to only read blu ray discs some of the time. Still does it, I'll eventually try and get it repaired.

#18 Posted by BEANTOWN85 (68 posts) -

Is your PS3 relatively new? If it's less than like 2-3 months old, I'd say that it's just the plastic settling nothing to worry about. It's not like it's a grinding noise coming from the CD drive or something like that. That's one of those things that happens to new electronic items--it happened to my flatscreen LCD when I first bought it and my laptop, then it happened when I got my ps3. Wouldn't be too concerned.