Rosters for College Hoops 2k7

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Ok, so I know its not out yet, but anyone know if Roster files will be available (obviously not right away but after its been out for a lil while) and how'd you go about getting them working with a PS3?  I'd assume its easier since you can transfer files from PS3 to PC seemingly much easier than PS2.
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well in NBA 2k7 u go to online desk and theres a place to DL the rosters right onto your game......if u have unternet to your ps3 then theres no prob

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I don't think they can do that due to licensing reasons because college athletes must be treated as amateurs. The same reasons why the rosters aren't in the game to begin with. If they provided them in an update they would be violating that. I was thinking something more along the lines of something similar to the MaxDrive files used for PS2 games now.
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Presumably would have some unofficial rosters, which could be downloaded.
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That's what I was thinking too. Hopefully someone does make a file, because I really don't have the time to do that myself.