Question for North and South American PS3 users ?

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What TV streaming service is available in your regions. Like we in the UK have the BBC iplayer, i was wondering whats common in american PS3s, every answer would be appreciated as this is actually for a research :)

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I don't really know of or use any others.

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In Canada we have netflix, but it's absolute trash compared to the American version, not worth paying the 8 dollars a month, and we also have Crackle, which is free and has some decent content, as far as a free service goes anyway. There are a few others, couple anime channels but they are payed services so heh.

BBC iplayer would be very welcomed here as half of the television I watch it british television. I have BBC Canada through my satellite but other than Top Gear it's awful, half the time they show Canadian DIY programs like Holmes on Homes, lol. But internet streaming and torrents make up for that to some degree.