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Basically I have lost my PS3 password, and have no clue where to go to recover it - I would expect it to be at sign in, but I auto sign, only need the pass to add new funds for the WH expansion - so I was wondering where I could go, or how to even log out, that way if I see how long it is I'll prolly be able to figure which pass I used. Anyone know what I could do?

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Go to the PC PlayStation Store, at "Login", there should be a "Forgot Password" option. You do remember the email you registered under, right?
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Yes - thanks mate, didn't even realise there was a PC version of the store :-p - many thanks
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You're welcome.
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Or you could also have gone on the PS3 and when it failed to log in go to the "Network" part of the xmb and Log in, and then when it's trying to log in, just hit Circle and voila. there is the exact same "Forgot password" button :)
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hi guys i lost my ps3 password plus i like dont even remeber what is my date of birth that i put in because i put it so i dont need a master account so yeah... dont know the date of birth that i put in and lost my password its impossible to recover my password right...?

i know my email though i had to make a new account and even then i lost my password and did all the same mistakes

plzzzzzzzz help me

my name was werp93

and my new account is tony_montana_69k but i would give anything to get my other account because i was soooooooooo advanced on it...

plzzzzzzzzzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Since I 1st registered my email and password I have lost both.That Email is no more and forgot the password. Am I screwed? Without a valid email I can even request a new password. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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Sorry I forgot to add to the last message I have PS3