is the ps4 worth it

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I really want to get a ps4 im quite despite should I try to get on soon, or later?

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@kingisrael315: Well what you should do is seek legal advice. Luckily for you I am a lawyer in such cases. Now if we break this down I will point out that besides Infamous Second Son there is 0 games worth while until Destiny and Arkham Knight which are both Multiplats. So it is my legal advice that you hold off until around E3. Make a logical and unbiased decision then.

By the way my services are not free. That will be $50. I only accept cash, thanks and have a great day.

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Short answer, yes. Long answer....yes.

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@kingisrael315 Infamous Second Son and perhaps MGS are the only games. I would say PS4 will be worth it around the Holidays this year. Until then it's a waste.

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@RimacBugatti said:

@kingisrael315 Infamous Second Son and perhaps MGS are the only games. I would say PS4 will be worth it around the Holidays this year. Until then it's a waste.

lol....I'm not surprised to hear that coming from someone who owns an xbox! ANYWAYS....back on topic, it all depends on you whether it's worth it or not. Just as with the "OTHER" system, there aren't a lot of quality tittles available but for what is available, they are good. So just research what is available and make up your own mind....but for myself personally it's well worth it.

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Seriously, I think the $399 price tag is pretty cheap for what you get. All depends on if you like the games that are available right now.

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@MarcRecon: not really sure what your argument is here because they are pretty much right. How is someone that says Infamous, which is honestly the only exclusive worth getting right now, is the only reason to get a PS4? come on, everything else is available on PS3/360. and its not like killzone or knack are worth playing..yikes

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@jcrame10: Argument? The TC asked for an OPINION I gave him mine .....THE END. No argument here bro.

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I do not own one, but I would say it has a decently library for only being out four months. Infamous, Resogun and Killzone all seem like decent to great titles. You of course have future games like The Order, Uncharted, Level 5's next game, and Housemarque's next title to look forward to as well. Even if software is a little light at the moment, more games will come.

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Personally, cost of software for me must outweigh the cost of hardware. When there are $400 worth of games out for the PS4, I'll probably pick one up. As it stands the PS4 is still at 0.

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watch dogs is coming out soon...may 27th i think...Im buying a PS4 for that.

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yeh that's true

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Nope not worth it considering you are asking strangers to decide for you. Just look up the available games and decide whether or not you want it.

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if u like the games for the PS4 then yes get it.

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nether system is worth it right now. wait a year or two

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If I didn't have anything else? Sure. Right now? I'll wait and see. I didn't think the PS3 was worth it either until two years after release. Right now, it's worth it even with just a couple handfuls of games.

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Wait a little longer and it'll be worth it. I own one but really don't turn it on right now. inFamous provided 10 hours of "meh" for me. Resogun and Outlast are the only thing that has really given back to me.

Sometime in 2015 roughly around the time Uncharted 4 comes out you'll want to seriously consider a PS4. Until then, 3DS, Xbox One, and PC will all do you a lot better.

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The tech is impressive imo, but in terms of software there isn't yet much to talk about. It's the only reason I've still yet to buy one. Ground Zeroes is the only "game" I really want to play on the system and it's basically just a demo from what I've heard.

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I've been having a blast with my PS4. So far I have Infamous: SS, COD: Ghosts, BF4, NBA2K14 and the PSN+ free games each month (and counting). They're all great games and I'm really happy I have the PS4. But what it really comes down to is: are there PS4 games you want to play? if the answer is yes then you've answered your own question.

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get it when you can without effecting your economical state... :)

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definitely wait. the ps3 is a better a gaming and entertainment system

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Like with any console decision, look at the features any system offers as well as the games, and decide if that fits what you are looking for. I love my PS4 and the games I have for it, but I am waiting for something new to come a long.