(help needed) completing my first ps3 game

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you can call me the biggest douche as my first game heavenly sword hasn't been completed yet.

the problem is the six axis. i know many advice to turn off the six axis but the challenging part is to enjoy with the six axis motion controls. i always end up playing it after competing some other games hoping to learn the six axis control and move a bit further before i die again. then when i fail i quit and hope to continue after a few days. don't know why i'm unable to learn the six axis control and it always frustrates me that i'm unable to complete it. once i did spend 3 hours trying to kill the invaders as kai but damn as usual i just kept on dying again n again :(

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I had a lot of trouble with the sixaxis portions as well. I didn't really bother guiding the arrows kai shoots, I just focused on killing as many sneaking soldiers as I was able, and even though many got past her, I still managed to pass it after a few attempts.

You will probably need to use the sixaxis at the part where Nariko launches cannonballs at these mobile seige machines. It isn't as bad, except you'll be timed during that part so you can't waste too much time. If you get to that part and find that your aim is way off early in the shot, then get out of sixaxis mode and just try again quickly.

EDIT: And oh yeah, for the record, I haven't completed the game yet either. It's also the first PS3 game I got early this year.

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@Ovirew: well its the hardest game and yesss!!!! i did made some progress yesterday now i'm blasting cannon balls but it'sreally hard to hit on that red shield died a few times but still haven't given up :D