Fallout 3 game saves

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#1 Posted by Steve10578 (47 posts) -

I have the original release of Fallout 3 and plan on getting the game of the year release and get all the add on packs.

Do save games saved using the original release work with the game of the year release?

Alsowould the game of the year release install separate game data files or would it just update the game data files that were installed with the original release?

#2 Posted by hanslacher54 (3666 posts) -

I don't have the GOTY edition but I would guess your saves would carry over since they carried over for Oblivion.

I don't know about the second question though.

#3 Posted by Denji (12757 posts) -

I do recall Bethesda saying original Fallout 3 save files work with the GOTY edition.

Best to check google to be sure...