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#1 Posted by lucium689 (346 posts) -

An erroe has occured. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network.


it tells me this everytime i try to sign into PSN

does anyone know why?

#2 Posted by JayTheCorrupt (2 posts) -
A hell of alot of people are having this error man, it's likely maintenance, but hacking accusations are flying around. Seem's like maintenance to me because I always get obscure errors for it and it's always at EU peak times.
#3 Posted by manihave556 (3 posts) -
Sony has shut down Psn (play station network) because of a group of people trying to hack psn, im not sure when psn will be back online but just wait a few hours while they try to sort things out and fix any problem that these dickhead hackers have caused :L
#4 Posted by kiki_pea (2 posts) -
God damn! I keep getting the same message too and also the rumours about hackers and stuff >:(
#5 Posted by lucium689 (346 posts) -
.how long do these last? because i iv been at it for like half and hour
#6 Posted by SgtNumNum (1172 posts) -

Yeah i am getting the samething. I was going to log onto the dragon age servers to get a code to download mass effect 2 for the pc since bioware is given it away for free, but im getting that stupied error message now i can get the code to download it. I hope it gets fixed soon!!

#7 Posted by ydnarrewop (2149 posts) -
This is over now, but for me it lasted a day. Seriously was it due to hackers?? :O
#8 Posted by manihave556 (3 posts) -
yep hackers!
#9 Posted by manihave556 (3 posts) -
don't know how long it will last but it should hopefully be online soon
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#11 Posted by conistant (2169 posts) -
I didn't have this problem.
#12 Posted by lucium689 (346 posts) -
dude what they are doing it just wrong and i hope sony just destroys them

#13 Posted by Rob_the_Welder (1 posts) -
this erroe code means get off the couch and clean up for a bit and or go for a walk. Playstation is upgrading their stuff at this time, be patient.
#14 Posted by NECROMONGER223 (223 posts) -

sony cant keep hackers from messin with then its time to sell my ps3 and upgrade my pc

#15 Posted by steelerman1 (655 posts) -
i just got on here to see if i could find anything out,i have been having trouble all morning as well
#16 Posted by SgtNumNum (1172 posts) -

Well i finally was able to log on to the psn. So it should be up for everyone now.

#17 Posted by lucium689 (346 posts) -
i just got in yay back to socom 4 lol
#18 Posted by Hekynn (2164 posts) -
Its the hackers that's doing this! And I was just at the playstation site and its down!
#19 Posted by bleedvideogames (742 posts) -

when i first went to sign in today i got the error, then tried again and got in, downloaded MAG then went to play and wouldnt connect

#20 Posted by JayTheCorrupt (2 posts) -
PSN is back up. Hackers are indeed bad, maintenance good. Either way tis up get back to Killzone 3 people xD
#21 Posted by IWAOlympus (412 posts) -

Mine was down for awhile this morning, but is working fine now.

#22 Posted by FlippenPancakes (1 posts) -
Hackers GOOD :P Also can you help me i got that error when PS3 Was Fixed :l
#23 Posted by unrealtron (3148 posts) -
I'm down too.
#24 Posted by hoola (6422 posts) -

I just started getting this problem as well. I've looked around and i havn't been able to find a fix.

#25 Posted by CKYguy25 (2087 posts) -

yeah PSN is currently down now

#26 Posted by znator (550 posts) -

PSN is down for maintenance guys, it was suppose to go down Last Thursday but it was delayed for some reason, the service is set to be down from 3pm Sunday til 5am Monday EST, so just play some single player or go out and hang out with friends.

#27 Posted by madsnakehhh (14989 posts) -

Damn, i was about to buy Journey :(

#28 Posted by Gau0123 (1010 posts) -
Don't worry it's not only you.
#29 Posted by x-2tha-z (8904 posts) -
I was online in Dark Souls, playing fine, summoning people and being invaded, until about ten minutes ago. My game suddenly froze. I had to bring up the XMB and select 'Quit Game'. My PS3 made the three beep sound and shut down. When it started back up I was told an error blah blah and got this error code. Looks like Sony disconnected me from PSN while I was playing and this caused my PS3 to crash. Everything seems okay but I'd have preferred it if they didn't crash my console.
#30 Posted by KaY_86 (280 posts) -
i cant sign in too i get the same error code but i know some people are online now how come??
#31 Posted by finalstar2007 (25983 posts) -

.how long do these last? because i iv been at it for like half and hourlucium689

this one is a major maintenance and unlike the past ones, this one will not let anyone play online and will take about 14 hours, this maintenance is said to add something big and improve online gameplay big time as well as getting ready for sony's announcments tomorrow at GDC

#32 Posted by DarthJohnova (4599 posts) -

Thread Necromancy alert!

#33 Posted by jsmoke03 (13165 posts) -

lol patience. try to read the ps blog once in awhile for updates. people freak out 2 easily

#34 Posted by x-2tha-z (8904 posts) -

lol patience. try to read the ps blog once in awhile for updates. people freak out 2 easily

What did they say on the blog? I just went on it but couldn't find anything about Sunday maintenance.
#35 Posted by godwar1134 (1 posts) -
I was fine this morning i was on and everything then i came back from hanginig with my friends and it signed me off of PSN
#36 Posted by Gaioni12033 (2 posts) -
Yup same error code, rumors of hackers are most likely true but at the same time there is a limited number of people still online... this crap needs to end.
#37 Posted by Gaioni12033 (2 posts) -
yea same here man your system is fine though it has an auto files repair if something did happen