Do PS3 cross buy games let you have the PS4 version as well?

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I have a PS4 and PS3. I was thinking about buying Minecraft on PS3 tomorrow, its coming out and was announced today to release on PSN tomorrow if you hadn't heard.

No of course whether this game supports cross buy or not we don't know yet but let's say it does. If I buy the PS3 version of a game that is also sold for PS4 and PS Vita, do I get the PS4 version too? Or does it only work as if I buy the PS4 version first I get PS3/Vita too?


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All of the games that are part of the cross buy promotion give you the Vita version as a downloadable. PS3 to PS4 is an upgrade costing an extra $10 for games that are a part of it. In the case of Minecraft, just the PS3 version is being released as they are still working on the other versions. Looks like no cross buy/ upgrade options for this one.

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Yea, I guess I should hold off on the PS3 version tomorrow.