Chronicles Of Ridikk : Assault On Dark Athena

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Hey, I saw this game had gotten some mixed reviews. Game Informer gave Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena a 9.5 while other sites gave it an 8 or so. Has anyone played this game? I work at Gamestop and the game just got price cut to $39.99 so I'm thinking of picking it up.

Anyone have any reactions or anything to this game?

P.S. Gamespot censored Riddick in the title the first time i put it... lmao

#2 Posted by -Hoax- (5331 posts) -
Try the demo first its on the PSN store
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I thought that the demo was cool but not cool enough to pay full price for the game. ''BUT" now since there has been a price cut I might be picking it up sooner then later.

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the game is great the multiplayer animations could be smoother but even it is not bad/horrible. the 2 campaigns are fun and a different pace and style from other exclusive fps shooters.

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its a hybrid fps won't appeal to everyone but I personally enjoyed butcher bay on my xbox and that's why I picked assault on dark athena up. Personally, I find the game worth the $60 purchase seeing that its basically two games in one.... the multi player is horrible though and really doesn't stand out (with the exception of "Pitch Black") I'd say at 40 bucks you can't go wrong... get a used version if you can..(if its cheaper) ...and if you don't like it....well you do work for gamestop so you should know about the 1 week return policy for used games right?