Call of Duty BO Declasified is $49.99???everything else is $39.99 ?

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This is some BS if you ask me! Why does this game cost $10 more then any other game on VITA! Activision can eat **** im not buying this game, and the reviews are horrid for it anyways, what you guys think about this ? Just picked up my Vita and Assasins Creed Liberation along with Unit 13.

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They're assuming it will sell off of the name alone. However, after the initial sales surge from uninformed individuals, I'm thinking the sales will abruptly drop, and the price will come down to $39.99 rather quickly. Uncharted Golden Abyss was $50 as well initially, but it didn't last long.
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Experiment, most likely. It worked on PC. I think Activision was the first to charge $60 for a game there when the previous going rate was $50. People gobbled it up, so big games are now $60. I think they're hoping the same will happen on handhelds. I hope to god they're wrong. But it's not the first $50 Vita game.
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yeah, games shouldn't cost that much for a handheld and not only that it doesn't have zombies in it. they can eat whatever the threat starter give

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They are definitely trying to cash in on the name. I like it and think i will definitely get my money's worth out of multiplayer. See the other thread in here for my review. If your on the fence, maybe wait to try a used copy at Gamestop so you can at least get your money back within 7 days if its no good haha. I wouldnt recommend it for single player though.

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If it was a complete Call of Duty game, I could understand, but it's way too expensive.
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I am all for handheld game prices going up if it means better handheld games. Ten bucks a game isn't gonna put me in the poor house and PSN has plenty of awesome games for cheap for people who w/ more limited funds. The more money devs can make on handheld games, the better games we will get.

This said, it kind of sounds like this new COD is not the kind of game that warrants and increase in price.

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Wow, it's that cheap in the US? Costs £44.99 in the UK(the digital version does at least). That's even more expensive than most full console games.