Why can't PSN maintenance be during the overnight hours?!

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This 6 hour or longer(expecting it to be longer) maintenance today during is very ignoring.

Why can't Sony do these maintenance downtimes during the late night/early morning/overnight hours when there are way less people trying to use the Playstation Network for many reasons. It would way less of a hassle for most people to not do this type of thing during the day.

I just got a PSN card off of eBay that I want to make sure it works so I can get a season pass for a game and buy and download a digital only game, but oh well I guess not.

The hours of the maintenance is....


9:50AM PT/12:50PM ET


3:30PM PT/6:30PM ET

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Maybe Sony wants their staff to work on it during regular hours. I'm fine with those down hours as I am at work myself for a good portion of them.

Say they did perform their maintenance during the late night, like you suggest, who's nights are we talking about? NA, Europe, Asia etc..? Going to annoy people regardless.

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Japan only cares about Japan... that's why.

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Cos no-one gives a flying $%#@ about the US, for some of us, it is night-time, your not the centre of the world, learn that fact.

I hope Sony, MS and Nintendo and every other company do maintenance at precisely this time so people like TC will learn.

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It's always night time somewhere.

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It was for us in Australia, like 2am to 8am. Sucks to be an American *pokes tongue out*.

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I didn't notice any down time. They should do rolling down time depending on region though.

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SONY isn't out to solely please you. They'll do it when it's most convenient for them. I'm sure their staff would rather work during the day, provided the staff that are working are based in the US. If not, then the "America is not the only place on Earth" argument would seem to apply.

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I was a bit annoyed with the psn maintenance yesterday but o well I got on and did something else,

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unfortunately night time for you doesnt mean night time for everyone..

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its called "different time zone"