Who's getting what? Call of Duty:Ghosts vs Battlefield 4.

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Posted by brimmul777 (1274 posts) 1 year, 3 months ago

Poll: Who's getting what? Call of Duty:Ghosts vs Battlefield 4. (69 votes)

Battlefield 4. 64%
Call of Duty:Ghosts. 29%
Screw it,I'm getting out of gaming. 7%

Which one do you plan on getting.I'm going with Battlefield 4 for this generation console.

#1 Posted by dipdish (873 posts) -

Err... None of the above.

#2 Posted by The_Last_Ride (72962 posts) -

Battlefield, i am so sick of the COD, COD 4 and modern warfare 2 were great games. The others are just copy and paste

#3 Posted by Wallyh08 (535 posts) -

BF4, but will probably pick up COD in two years when its £10 or something

#4 Posted by ghstbstr (8790 posts) -

Where the vote for both?

I will be getting both.

#5 Posted by ThatOneDork (33 posts) -

I'll probably get both down the road sometime, but I won't be surprised when the superior game of the two sells more once again.

#7 Posted by The_Rick_14 (9945 posts) -

@ghstbstr said:

Where the vote for both?

I will be getting both.

#8 Posted by Megavideogamer (5466 posts) -

The pre-orders for Battlefield 4 were sold out at the store I went too. So I went with Call of duty Ghosts. This is fine. I have Killzone Shadow fall, Assassin's Creed 4 Black flag, and Knack preordered. So I will have 4 games to enjoy on launch day with my PS4.Plus Call of Duty Ghosts features Riley the Dog.

So I would normally hold of on buying a Call of duty game. I waited 9 months before I bought Call of Duty Black Ops 2. but this time Riley the Dog made the difference,

#9 Posted by drekula2 (1949 posts) -

neither of the two are exemplary, but i would prefer COD. battlefield is way too wide-open for how limited the gameplay actually is, but i think the next gen versions will accomodate 64 players (making it more fitting to it's nature).

i'm sticking with my team fortress 2 tho

#10 Edited by jukev2424 (244 posts) -

I have played all he COD on the current gen and loved all of them. But my PS4 bundle is coming with BF4. I would probably prefered COD but i will probably get it around christmas time. I like playing one game at a time.

#11 Posted by Pikminmaniac (9104 posts) -

I've never bought a Call of Duty or a Battlefield in my life and I don't intend to ever be a part of those.

#12 Edited by soapman72 (2714 posts) -

BF4...Not really that interested in it but I want to see 64 player online that the "MASTER RACE" continues to worship.

#13 Posted by SIDEFX1 (386 posts) -

Battlefield 4 for mostly the MP. Might pickup CoD Ghosts for it's Blockbuster and some MP.

#14 Posted by marcheegsr (2910 posts) -

BF4, Not even thinking about getting COD. Maybe down the road when its super cheap.

#15 Posted by TehBamboozler (12 posts) -

I've got both preordered, but TBH I'm more excited about Ghosts. The new Squads mode looks really cool. I love customization, and trying to make a perfect team sounds really fun.

I'm mostly getting BF4 to play with all my friends. Most of us have PS4s preordered and it should be interesting to actually play with people I know. I was pretty much the only PC gamer in my social group last gen, so I missed out on a lot of fun multiplayer experiences.

#16 Posted by Trail_Mix (2021 posts) -

I'll be getting CoD, as per usual.

#17 Posted by MondasM (1302 posts) -

well, i am getting both as well... :)

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#19 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8553 posts) -

I will be gettin both for sure. I might get them on ps3 then upgrade to ps4

#20 Posted by BetaVulgaris (34 posts) -


#21 Edited by shaunchgo (4605 posts) -

I didn't vote because there's no option for both. I plan to get them both for the PS4.

#22 Edited by Tqricardinho (341 posts) -

Probably none, or maybe both.

#23 Posted by MarcRecon (5994 posts) -

I'm getting COD first....even though BF is the better game in general!

#24 Posted by 187umKILLAH (1406 posts) -

I have no interest in Battlefield at all, I like the last 2 Black Ops games but I'm not a fan of Infinity Ward so I'll wait to see what it's like after Ghosts is released and then decide if I want to buy it.

#25 Posted by Wasdie (50263 posts) -

I already have BF4 on the PC but I'm thinking of picking up Ghosts on my PS4. I'm never getting a CoD game on the PC again. They are clearly not built for the PC so i'm done trying to force it.

#26 Edited by cudder12 (9 posts) -

BF4 for sure. COD is just a rehash every year to me.

#27 Posted by clr84651 (5515 posts) -

Call of Duty Ghosts, KZ Shadowfall, Wolfenstein the New Order.

#28 Posted by Outsider-G (2448 posts) -

BF4 & Killzone SF

#29 Edited by sagejonathan (873 posts) -

Killzone: Shadow Fall. COD is an awful franchise and is just a scam; I also don't like the short campaigns and accelerated multiplayer. I respect Battlefield, but I generally don't like military shooters anyways, so i won't buy it.

#30 Edited by --MAV3R1CK-- (9346 posts) -

Normally, i'd go BF4, but COD Ghosts for some reason is reeling me in to buy it. I haven't enjoyed Black Ops I or II, but Ghosts is really appealing to me.

#31 Posted by CTR360 (7168 posts) -

i rent both of them on xbox360

#32 Posted by Arthas045 (5343 posts) -

I think I am going to go with Ghosts this time around. I got Battlefield 3 and I haven't got a CoD since Black OPS 1.

#33 Posted by CommanderShiro (21746 posts) -

Battlefield 4

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Where's the "Neither" option?

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I'm not sure myself. I've never played COD and I have BF3 for PS3, yet the beta didn't feel much different to me.

#36 Posted by SKaREO (3161 posts) -

COD Ghosts obviously, since I want to compete in the MLG this season. BF4 is a casual shooter with vehicles, not really my type of game.

#37 Posted by GhostzFinest (6 posts) -

I got battlefield 4 screw everything get battlefield 4!

#38 Edited by sirk1264 (5584 posts) -

Have battlefield 4 which is still buggy and crashes on me and will get cod: ghosts around Christmas time.

#39 Posted by muller39 (14944 posts) -

Battlefield and Killzone.

#40 Posted by Suharar (193 posts) -

Battlefield 4 and killzone were bundled with my console, i ordered Cod Ghosts and a few other games otherwise i wouldnt have many games to play.

I think CoD ghosts looks like crap but as a multiplayer noob it might be easier for me.

#41 Posted by Bigboi500 (30312 posts) -

@dipdish said:

Err... None of the above.

#42 Posted by hkymike (2423 posts) -

Battlefield easily

#43 Posted by Telekill (4798 posts) -

I've always preferred Battlefield.

#44 Edited by jer_1 (7451 posts) -

I certainly won't be buying CoD, as per usual. There's a 95% chance that I'll be avoiding BF4 like the plague as well. Give me a shooter that wasn't made to be a movie and I'll likely play it, these two don't qualify.

#45 Edited by DangerRemix (189 posts) -

I voted for the 3rd one, even know I m not getting out of gaming, but I m done buying/renting and playing fps games which as of late they have become pretty stale. If anything I would like for these studios to do something new, new ip, new story ect..but how can u when u have publisher like Act, EA wants to stay in that bubble thats making them money, than going outside of it and trying something new.

#46 Posted by SherlockH1 (10 posts) -

BF Maybe

#47 Posted by kromatic_basic (50 posts) -


I feel the same way

#48 Posted by UCF_Knight (6863 posts) -

Already purchased both, and currently enjoying them both.

#49 Edited by stinky_bomb (488 posts) -

Battlefield 4,cod ghosts, assassins creed and killzone