Who has won a PS4 from Taco Bell?

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Posted by Bindox (6 posts) 1 year, 3 months ago

Poll: Who has won a PS4 from Taco Bell? (31 votes)

I won and received it already. 3%
I won and have not received it yet. 13%
I did not win and I hate everyone that has with a burning fire from the ninth layer of hell. 84%

I won mine on the 19th (10/19). My son was born on the 19th, I was married on the 19th, I won $2700 by dropping a handful of chips on 19 at a roulette wheel in Reno, I won a MacBook Air in the Great IT Challenge which came down to the last day.. the 19th!! I would say it was destiny, but that is a Disney game now and I would get sued for copyright infringement.

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I have never won anything, and I doubt I will this time either. I will give it a shot though, will probably buy a few of those 5 buck boxes.

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I have never really won anything from organized events such as this. I did win a digital camera in a raffle at my Senior lock in in high school, which is pretty much obsolete anymore. But I have tried my luck with the 5 buck boxes twice and haven't gotten anything. I also always participate in the Mountain Dew and Doritos sweepstakes for special Call of Duty stuff every year and never really win much. But I do like that they at least offer double xp time to the losers like me! Haha. Congrats on the big win though! That's awesome!

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I have never personally won any big sweepstakes items, but I do actively participate in some cases. I have been buying 5 buck boxes as much as I can tolerate eating the cat food they serve at Taco Bell haha. Being in college helps though, because eating Taco Bell is certainly better than cooking! I've also been participating in the Mountain Dew and Doritos promotion for Call of Duty Ghosts. I haven't won anything from it, but I do appreciate that they offer double XP for the losers like me! Haha. But congrats on the big win! That's awesome that you won, enjoy! And let me know how it runs!

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I won a copy of starwars kinect one time, I wish I could of won a free ps4.

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I won an Xbox game back in 2001 or 2002 by pulling a skateboard out of some dude's ass. On the official xbox site there was a skater that had an accident and his skateboard got shoved up his ass, all you had to do was try to pull the skateboard out his ass without braking it in half and I was lucky. I think his name was "Billy" and the game I won was Star Wars Star Fighter: Special Edition.

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I bought one box and I did not win... I was so sad that I ate the food due to depression of losing. =[

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The odds of winning are obviously insanely small.. just a good way to drive business to Taco Bell.

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Wish I could afford these consoles right away. Saw this thing online about earning free gifts. Googled it and the reviews make it seem legit. Take a look yourself and sign up with the link below!!