Which of these PS3 exclusives should I get first?

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Poll: Which of these PS3 exclusives should I get first? (21 votes)

Demon Souls 29%
God of War Saga (never played the series) 52%
Mod Nation Racers 10%
Little Big Planet 10%
Little Big Planet 2 14%
Twisted Metal 10%
Playstation Allstars Battle Royale 10%
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 10%
Disgaea D2 0%
Ni No Kuni 43%
Ratchet and Clank 10%
Infamous 43%

Pick several of the choices above for what you would recommend to me. I like all genres of games, but I like games that allow the player a lot of interactivity and freedom to handle situations as they choose.

#1 Posted by gamenerd15 (4465 posts) -

Get whatever game you want. Tekken Tag is not exclusive, but if you are into the series, then get it. Most PS exclusives are pretty cheap. You could probably pick most of the titles up for $30 or less.

#2 Posted by lensflare15 (6182 posts) -

Ratchet and Clank ACiT, Infamous, and Ni No Kuni of those options. Then get Little Big Planet and Dark Souls.

#3 Posted by MarcRecon (5993 posts) -

You forgot the resistance series

#4 Posted by CyberLips (1824 posts) -

@MarcRecon said:

You forgot the resistance series

^This, and where's Killzone, Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Souls and The Last Of Us??

#5 Posted by pillarrocks (1320 posts) -

Should throw in Jak and Daxter games.

#6 Posted by 187umKILLAH (1406 posts) -

I prefer Tekken Tag Tournament 2 off that list, great fighting game with lots of stuff to unlock and great customization options.

#7 Posted by sukraj (23193 posts) -

demon souls

#8 Posted by The_Last_Ride (72951 posts) -

i would go with Ni No Kuni i also recomend playstation All Stars, it's a really fun co op game

#9 Posted by dipdish (871 posts) -

Every PS3 owner should play a God of War game, I think. Some gamers bought their consoles solely to play as Kratos. = )

On the other hand, you wrote about "freedom of choice", so you should also play Infamous.

#10 Edited by punisher1 (3202 posts) -

i would not buy most of those games on that list. But infamous was fun..... when it came out. it's kind of dated now.

#11 Posted by CTR360 (7161 posts) -

for this list ni no kuni god of war saga demons souls infamous

#12 Posted by Superlegtesta (389 posts) -

If you consider the "buck per hour" rate these games offer, I'd say the God of War Saga and Ni no Kuni are strong choices.