What's the best hard drive upgrade for my PS3?

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#1 Posted by Tigerman950 (2417 posts) -

My PS3 only has 40 GB capacity and that's nowhere near enough for me. I was thinking of either getting what's called a PS3 320 GB Hard Drive Upgrade Kit for $85 or some other hard drive, like an external hard drive from Toshiba with the same amount of memory for $59.

What do all of you recommend? Which one is the better offer in terms of compatibility with the PS3, or is there some other hard drive upgrade I can get for even better value that I'm missing?

I can't seem to decide between an external or an internal hard drive, so get back to me on that.

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i bought a 640gb hd on newegg.com for 60$ just look for a laptop size hd, they are pretty cheap now

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i bought a 640gb hd on newegg.com for 60$ just look for a laptop size hd, they are pretty cheap now


Was it an external one or internal?

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Can I ask what the hell you would need 640gb of space for. Thats insane hahaha

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I was thinking of getting a wetern digital 500gb scorpio blue i think. Around $60 or so if I can remember. Or you can get an external iomega 1tb for around $100 or so. It does a pretty good job as well.

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The hard disk would need to be an internal one I assume as it would be able to basically do the same job as the current hard disk in your machine but to a greater capacity. An external one I think you would have restrictions and would mean having to transfer data like demos, game saves, install data etc each time you played a game that was not stored on your internal hard disk. A laptop drive needed I think is a 2.5" SATA hard disk (2.5 inches, where as a PC hard drive is 3.5 inches I think, but I dont know for sure), I would wait to see if others confirm that first though incase I am wrong. However that aside, I would go for an internal disk unless you are planning on using the hard disk to take saves around and the like otherwise an external drive would cause you more grief for using soley on your own PS3. I hope this is of some help.
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I upgraded my PS3 hdd to 320GB. Wasn't that hard except for the screws.Its good if you want to store alot of videos on it. I plan on making my own server and have my PS3 get media from that but thats not an option for everyone.

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You are right garfield. It takes a sata 2.5 laptop hd internal. 5400 rpm seems to do the best since the oem hd is a 5400. But I have seen 7200 ones being used too. I would stick to the 5400 myself. Just get a good name brand

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I think 1tb might be overkill, you should be fine with a 500gb one.
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i suggest an internal hd from a popular name brand, but just make sure it is SATA and is 2.5." 5,400 RPM are cheaper but have the slowest load times. Expect the same wait from the stock HDD that came with your PS3. 7,200 would be faster although I am not sure if it is significantly so. Then there are Solid State Drives or SSDs that are the fastest but are significantly more expensive than HDD and offer a low ratio of price to gigabyte as well as only marginal improvement in loading time. So just go with a 500 GB hdd which is imo the absolute max unless you are a true media buff or psn/game install freak.
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I've upgraded hard drives in many PS3s. I've tried 5400 versus 7200 RPM and IMHO the difference in speed is hardly noticeable at all. So get yourself a nice Seagate, Western Digitial, Toshiba, etc 5400 RPM drive. 320-500GB should be enough for most users. The only advice I can give you is if you have the older fat PS3 take your time with the screws as they thread easily, with the slim this isn't an issue in my experience.
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I'm thinking of getting this one since I would prefer to go external.

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Its not hard... Just get a 2.5 inch 5400rpm drive at whichever capacity you want, plug it in and away you go! Also it has to be SATA.
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i bought a 640gb hd on newegg.com for 60$ just look for a laptop size hd, they are pretty cheap now


Was it an external one or internal?

The 640gb is internal, it was a sale on newegg.com its 2.5" in size, which is used for laptops.

I dont need 640gb, it was a spur of the moment thing. Good thing tho that I'll never have to worry about making space ,and can install all games on ps3 as i buy em.

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I usually recommend Western Digital brand but really, anything will do just fine.

I wouldn't go less then 500GB since the price difference is very negligible vs bonus space. You can find 500GB for 55-60$ while 320GB around 45-50$.

For extra 5-10$ you will gain additional 180GB.

Keep in mind that is not the actual size you will get once you install the hard-drive. On my 500GB HDD I had around 450GB free. ;)

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I put a 250gb 7200 RPM HDD on my old 60gb ps3. There was no difference in speed just my ps3 became insanely hot because of the speed. Stick with 5400 RPM, 7200 RPM is not worth the extra cost.

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As many movie's and music as I have stored I switched to the 500gig and may get a 1 tb external hd