Walking Dead Season 2 hits Vita next week!

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TellTale Games have announced release dates for Episodes 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead Season 2 on Vita, via the Official PlayStation blogs.

North America: April 22nd (US PSN Blog link here)
Europe, UK, Australia and more: April 23rd (EU PSN Blog link here)

Despite the stuttering and load times of the first season, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Am really looking forward to getting into the new season. Have been holding off buying it on other platforms so I can jump into season 2 using my Vita playthrough's save file. Will be buying this day one for sure.

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Nice! I loved the first, still need to go through and play it again!

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I'll stick to my PS3 for playing these, but I did rent the first season for the Vita, and it turned out well enough. I imagine they'll have physical copies of both versions with all the episodes once they're all released. At that point, I might give it a play on the Vita to give me an excuse to play through it again. Plus I have a Season 1 save anyway.

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So going to buy that :D

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I just finished the 1st season and it was one of my top games on the vita...once the second season comes out as a physical copy I will def give add it to my collection^_____^