Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed: should there be Daytona USA DLC

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#1 Posted by chrsvic (148 posts) -

since Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed came out, there's a likely chance we're getting DLC for the game. Daytona USA has 3 racetracks that could work well in the Sonic game. In addition, SEGA made a HD port of Daytona USA on the PSN and XBLA, which SEGA paid the Daytona International Speedway to use their name on the title screen of that game. so it should'nt be really difficult for SEGA to use the Daytona name for the three Daytona USA tracks if used in the Sonic racing game. Also I like to see 3 music tracks from Daytona USA remixed, which includes the beginner course music, Daytona Let's Go Away, and Blue Blue Blue Sky.

#2 Posted by wwefanforlife (3248 posts) -

I wouldn't mind seeing some Daytona DLC. When I see Rolling Start on Sonic All-Stars Transformed I always think of this song. It would have been good if Takenobu Mitsuyoshi had some involvementwith the soundtrack to Sonic All-Stars.