So what Ps plus free games u think are coming out in august?

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I hear secrete Panchos is one of them ... it looks ok Will see . as far as free games waiting for planetside 2 and that zombie Mmo game has anyone hered of it looks like Day Z.

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Im hoping its Knack.

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h1z1 isnt gonna be on the PS4 for a while.. they are focused on the PC version first

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h1z1 yea that one looks interesting.

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i really want a AAA game for PS3 tbh, if not two

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I'm not sure what more I want to play on the PS3 at this point. But PS+ has surprised me before with games I didn't have any prior intention to play, so I'll be more open on the PS3. As for the Vita... pretty much the same situation. I'm wanting to play NFS: Most Wanted on there for some reason, so I'm hoping for that as unlikely as it is. So probably 2 more random indie games. As for the PS4, I don't know if they're ready to put any actual retail games on there like Knack yet. They'll probably put something like Octodad and another low-priced game on there.

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Uncharted pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

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I hope knack as well since I don't think is a next gen worthy game but worth playing since demo was fun

The game had great potential but seemed rushed. I am all for free stuff.