Should I get a ps4 if I only play cod online?

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I have both the ps3 and xbox 360 so there's no brand loyalty here. I mostly play cod games and some battlefield, but only have experience with xbox live. I'm deciding between the two systems to upgrade. I'm not concerned at all about the graphics comparison. Showing some age here but during doom/quake on PC we would turn down graphics for better fps and ping. How are the servers, lag and player base? Any tournaments hosted on ps4 systems? Thanks!

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So you want to buy a console just for one game?

Anyways, I played about 3 hours of cod ghost online. Had some host migration issues but other then that it seems fine lag wise. Player base will always be big for cod.

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My kids loved little big planet and I enjoyed the uncharted series, but that's all I used the ps3 for, other than that it was blu ray and Netflix. I only really have time for cod series and battlefield, so my choice this next generation is influenced by better servers, fps stability and generally just more people online to play matches with. Does ps4 have tournaments with cod or battlefield? From my limited experience I've only noticed players using xbone for mlg and twitch streams...

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i am not sure about this but i think you can get it.

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I would not purchase a console to play a single game.

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The new PS4 only $399 and it's faster.. while a new PS3 pretty much the same price.

My opinion, if you already had lots of PS3 games then it would worth it to get a new PS3.

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You already have access to the Cod games on your current consoles, why would you throw away more money for a game that's not even that great? You remind me of my mates at school, who only bought a PS3 for Call of Duty and that's all they played, and they were proud of it too. In fact they cracked jokes at me for playing games like Little Big Planet and Heavy Rain. Unbelievable.

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i have friends who only play fifa on their ps3s and now ps4s and i have friends who only play cod on their consoles... so it is just a preference, i would just ask my close friends who are playing the same game online and make my choice accordingly... from a technical standpoint ps4 has the upper hand for the multi-platform games compared to the xbox one for now, so it is just your preference... :)

however, if you buy a ps4 to play cod online, that means you'll get a psn + sub as well, which means you are going to get free games (well as long as you continue your sub), so you might like to play other games as well, which always is a + (sorry for the pun)... :)

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If you don't care about other games then why upgrade at all I'm guessing the next COD will see las gen as well.

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I picked up the ps4 today, I'm interested in the ps+ service and hope my kids might find something new and free to try out along the way. Maybe one day they will offer uncharted or the last of us..

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i reckon they will offer those titles in the future, however they are released only on ps3, my best bet would be that sony offers them on ps now rental service...