RPG's for the PS Vita

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#1 Posted by xaisen (11 posts) -

What happened to all the RPG's for the PS Vita?

I haven't bought one yet but I thought there would be a bigger selection of rpgs (only 3 in uk)

I'm an anime fan and I also play alot of rpgs but the only decent rpg games Isee around the internet and gamespot are for release in japan.

I know Final Fantasy X is coming to the PS Vita but why aren't there any decent rpgs for the uk

Are there any coming in 2013, I'm assuming that I can't play jp games on a uk vita

#2 Posted by ArchoNils2 (6154 posts) -

JRPGs always take a while until the reach anew platform. Has always been like that

#3 Posted by Newhopes (4472 posts) -

I wouldn't expect any anytime soon, I can only think of one RPG Demon gaze but that isn't released until end of January in Japan so your looking at back end of 2013 early 2014 earliest for that if it even gets a release outside Japan at all, FFX is vapourware ATM to be honest I wouldn't expect a release this year either.

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ps vita is not region locked and I'm hoping I'll be able to play the japanese Phantasy Star Online 2.

#5 Posted by TheFlush (5479 posts) -

The psvita is not region locked for physical games, so import Persona 4 Golden right now! I have done that as well and It's awesome!!