Question about deleting trophies

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I guess it was about 3 years ago when psn had that issue where it was shut down for a while and people's info got out. If you remember, as a compensation of sort they offered 2 games to download for free. I downloaded 2 even though I wasn't really interested in any of the games being offered. Played one never played the other. The game appeared on my trophy list when I downloaded it despite the fact I've never played it. My question is, are games like that "deletable" from your trophy list. Or once they're downloaded they're there for good no matter what. Thanks

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You can't delete a trophy list, but you can hide it from others. Just click Triangle on PS3, go to the trophy list and options in PSV, or click the Options button on the PS4 to see the option required to hide that trophy list. Hope this helps=)