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Hey guys i live in Europe and I'm looking to buy a PS4 when it launches here. However one of my deciding factor relies on if I could play a game my brother has downloaded on his account through my account, considering we are using the same machine. What I'm asking is, "can we share downloaded games on the same system using separate accounts"?

We could do this on our xbox 360 and we are just wondering. Thanks.

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you can do that on ps3, since it allows digitally bought games to be installed on two separate consoles, i do not know if this is the case for ps4...

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I am pretty sure you can as long as it's the primary system for the account games are bought on. I know if one account has psn+ all account on the system get the benefits

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You can, but only on that system if i am not mistaken

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With PS4 it doesn't work like the PS3 did where you use the same ID and it say ie. PaTrioTs1(1), PaTrioTs1 (2) etc for each person logged on to the console. Each player has to have their own seperate ID when playing at the same time.

So yes you would get to use your own ID and not his when playing on the console. The PS4 also allows for a password protect login and face recognition login. You can put the paying PSN person's ID on 2 consoles and create unlimited other accounts on the consoles using your own IDs to play all the games.

Yes, you can do exactly what you are asking. You put his ID on there and then put your account on there with your ID and you can both play all the games bought from either account.

Making it your primary console just makes so you can store game saves on cloud instead of on the HDD for using your gamesaves at other peoples houses or on a second console.

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This is allowed on PS3, virtually all games can be played by all accounts on the same console. The sme goes for the PS4, the only other interesting thing is that the games are locked to the account to you can log in to the account on "any" other PS4 and start downloading to play. But only two could be used at the same time, i dont know about this in practice.

I think this doesnt have 2 console restriction as on PS3. Here is the Official Sony Ultimate PS4 FAQ on this:

Take note that i currently dont have a PS4 and never tried any of the above.

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thanks for the reply guys