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Ok, I am going to start by saying that I have been an Xbox live user for years, however I now also own a PS4 and am planning on getting PS+. The question I have is:

1) When logging on to PS plus with my account, if another user logs onto my PS4 can they play online? Like in Xbox Live? or each account on the PlayStation must have it own PS plus account?

2) Any good RPG's coming to PS4? (Tales Series).

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I too was a xbox live user. It is a little different for ps4. Guests cannot use ps+. however, you can link many account to one ps+ account. So what i do is make a second account and link it to the ps+ account and then me and my friends can play online games together on the same system when they come over

I am not sure about good RPGs coming out.

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@jukev2424: Thank you for your reply Juke, The reason for my question is because I have my kids that play online and I don't want to have to purchase a different account for them. I am going to see if I can figureout the account linking on Sony site. Thank you again.

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@Kopusx: no problem. Im pretty sure all you have to do is set of ps+ on one account, and then go to settings and activate your ps4 as your primary