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Hello everyone,

I am roughly 2 weeks away from purchasing my ps4 due to my work/school schedule. What does everyone here think? Are you pleased, do you feel this is really next gen?

I know it's too early to tell but reading the reviews it seems most of the games are just straight ports from the previous gen which sucks.

What about the graphics?

Thanks for your input!

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At launch most systems have only one game, maybe two, that really shows a difference. Most of the third party efforts at launch are "cross generational" just the current gen games with a few new bells and whistles. To see next gen versions of games like Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and etc. you have to wait until next year. PS4's stand out technical achievement game is easily Killzone: Shadowfall.

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I will be getting ps4 during january or march depending on how the pricing will be at that point in 2014.

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If you don't like noisy consoles, pass. This is by far the noisiest console I've ever owned.

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@JustPlainLucas said:

If you don't like noisy consoles, pass. This is by far the noisiest console I've ever owned.

i guess you skipped out on a ps3 and 360, because both are far noisier.

Ps4 does has a nice bump of from ps3 graphics, and the OS is so much quicker. Like most console launches, there aren't many games that are not available on current gen, but if you like the Ps4 exclusives, multiplats (with extra bells and whistles) and much faster OS u cant go wrong with the ps4.

Oh and everything updating and installing in the background makes the ps4 such a big improvement over the ps3.

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My ps4 is pretty quite, I love it so far... It blows the ps3 out of the water.... All of the games that I have played run so smooth

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I'm more then happy with it as far as games are concerned, KZ Shadow Fall really shows off the SERIOUS potential of the PS4. The interface is light years ahead of the PS3's but I have mixed feeling about some of the multimedia function. I don't like the fact that I can't stream from my PC and store my person media files on the HDD.

But as someone has bought it to my attention, those features will possible be bought back through firmware updates.

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@JustPlainLucas: My ps3 and ps4 are sitting next to each other. My ps3 is way louder than the 4.

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@JustPlainLucas said:

If you don't like noisy consoles, pass. This is by far the noisiest console I've ever owned.

You might have a defective one. Mine is tip-top build-wise and it runs quiet.

As for the question of whether it is "next-gen," that is a subjective topic. When you look at first efforts like KZ, NBA2K and AC4 the graphics are a definite improvement. The UI, the speed of it(including the store) are also a great improvements over the PS3. It's a sleeker, cleaner, faster experience than using the PS3 and I've got to say, I'm enjoying the streaming broadcast feature(something I had no interest in at all in my purchase decision). Overall, the entire package is great, that said, it's not life changing(yet). So depending on what you're looking for in "next-gen," it'll delight or underwhelm. Personally, I'm glad the PS4 is here and I feel kinda sad for my trusty ole PS3 as all that's left for me to discover there is episodes 2-5 of the Wolf Among Us and Castlevania LOS 2.

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I'm loving mine. The UI is slick. The controller is great. I'm really enjoying the networking improvements. Being able to share videos on Facebook or stream my gameplay is great.

I'm playing Killzone and AC4 and both are great fun. Sony also has lots of FTP games available already even for those without Plus.

The PS4 has hands down the best system launch ever. Not even counting the sales numbers that are through the roof, the PS4 Is very much a system for gamers.

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Quiet. Sexy. Just how I like my ladies *giggity*